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Mountain Inn & Huts in Aldrans


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Aldranser Alm 

Aldranser Alm, mountain hut

At 1511m, you’ll find the quaint mountainhut Aldranser Alm,, amidst flower fields and meadows, also known as "Bussl Alm" to the locals. On foot it takes about 1 1/2 hours to get there from the main ...

Aldrans Tel. +43 664 15 16 675 Website
Sistranser Alm Sommer 

Sistranser Alm, mountain hut

The Sistranser Alm at 1608 meters above sea level, is a popular tour destination, in the winter for sledding as well as in summer for hiking. Even a well-known destination for mountain bikers. Beauti...

Sistrans Tel. +43 664 35 55 811 E-mail Website
Kiosk Herzsee 

Snack Bar Herzsee

Fully equipped snack bar on the shores of Herzsee Lake

Aldrans Tel. +43 512 365796

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