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The "Hofkirche"

In a popular saying “Schwarzmanderkirche” (Black men church)…

"Black men"

Kenotaph Hofkirche

The Hofkirche (Court Church) in Innsbruck with its memorial for Emperor Maximilian I is the most prominent tomb memorial for an emperor in Europe.
In 1502 - that means over 500 years ago - Emperor Maximilian I gave his court drawer, Gilg Sesselschreiber from Munich, the contract to start with the preparations for the construction of the largest figural memorial of the Occident.

The extensive memorial consists of a cenotaph with the figure of the kneeling emperor and 24 reliefs depicting his deeds on the sarcophagus in the middle of the nave and 28 of the planned 40 larger than life statues of his ancestors between the pillars of the nave and the beginning of the chancel. Here you can regard the statue of the legendarily King Arthur.
Numerous artists were involved in the complicated work processes such as removing the visors, carving models, making models in clay and wax and casting the statues between 1502 and 1555 until everything was finished.

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