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Goldenes Dachlm mit Nordkette 

Golden Roof

Golden Roof “Use every moment, dance every dance, you can’t take anything with you.” It’s said that the scroll found on the relief of the famous Golden Roof in Innsbruck’s old town bears th...

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Helbling House

This original 15th century Gothic mansion is an outstanding example of bourgeois grandeur in the Old Town, in later years richly decorated with stuccos. The house is named for Sebastian Helbling, wh...

Wallfahrtskapelle Höttinger Bild 

Höttinger Bild Pilgrimage chapel Maria in the Wood

Small pilgrimage church situated in a romantic wood just above Innsbruck's district Hötting. A picture of St. Mary (giving the name to the church) is one of the most frequently visited treasures in t...

Hofgarten Pavillon 

Imperial Gardens

This lavish Park was laid out in the early 15th century by royals of the Tyrolean Habsburg line and has been opened to the public since the 19th century. The center of the park features a Music pavil...

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Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace once was seat of the Tyrolean sovereigns... The Imperial Palace at Innsbruck - the Capital of the Alps - once was seat of the Tyrolean sovereigns... The Imperial Palace was erected ...

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Jesuit Church

The Jesuit monastery was founded in 1561. In the 17th century a baroque church was erected, which houses the graves of Archduke Leopold II and his family,and of many famous Jesuit priests like Karl Ra...

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Leopold´s Fountain

This equestrian statue, situated on Rennweg Street, is the oldest surviving depiction of a rearing horse north of the Alps. It´s rider, Archduke Leopold V, was the ruler of Tirol from 1619 to 1632. S...

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Liebfrauen Church

In 1930/31 the congregation of the Sisters of Mercy erected a school building with adjoining chapel, which was later turned into the Liebfrauen church.

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Altes Landhaus Fassade 

Old Federal State Parliament

The historic Landhaus is a three-story building that was built between 1725 and 1728 by master builder Georg Anton Gumpp. It is a superb example of Baroque architecture. The stairs leading to the 1st...

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Old Hospital Church

The Spitalskirche (Hospital Church) was named after the hospital which was located at this site. The church was built in 1701 by Johann Martin Gumpp and is decorated with elaborate baroque stuccos. ...

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