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The imperial cartographer from Oberperfuss

In the Anich-Hueber-Museum in Oberperfuss you can follow the story of how a farmer's son became a renowned geographer and astronomer. The man in question is Peter Anich, who was born in 1723 here in the village of Oberperfuss. As a simple farmer’s son with no formal education, he requested that he might be allowed to study under a professor from the University of Innsbruck. The professor recognised the young man’s talent and became his mentor. A great tribute was paid to Anich when Empress Maria Theresa commissioned him to create a map of the Tyrol, a map that, even today, is still known as the "Anich Map".

Traces of his life can still be found in Oberperfuss. The home of his birth still stands in the village and even a hiking trail and a high-altitude track are named after the famous cartographer. Alongside his unique globes, visitors to the museum can also see sun dials, maps, mathematical instruments and other implements. Also on display are pieces of work created by his equally talented assistant Blasius Hueber.

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