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Sendero didáctico para invidentes en Innsbruck

Innsbruck ofrece a las personas invidentes y/o en silla de ruedas un sendero especial a orillas del río Sill.

The new promenade on the Sill river is ideally suited as the river, the birds and the blossoming trees are an ideal olfactory-and auditory scenery for blind people. This trail along the river Sill for blind people can walked along independently, safely and without escort. 

There are Info points with touchable images along the promenade which provide information about the nature around the rivers Sill and Inn. You will be informed about the trees, fish and the electrical engineering production. For blind people a brochure in braille is avaiable free of charge at the TBSV.
Until now several info points between the Grenobler Bridge over the river Inn and one of the smaller bridges over the river Sill. In the next years the promenade will be expanded to the "Baggersee" (an quarry pond) and to the Sillpark Shopping centre.


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