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The mighty peaks of the Stubai Alps to the south, and the craggy Karwendel and Nordkette ranges with the Mieminger Alps to the north, create a spectacular mountain backdrop.

Situated just half an hour’s drive from Innsbruck, here you can find picturesque little hamlets and numerous idyllically peaceful tributary valleys branching off from the Sellrain valley and the front of the Ötztal valley.

3,000-metre mountain ranges offer a paradise for both mountain climbers and hiking enthusiasts.

A breathtakingly beautiful landscape free of lifts, cars and noise - instead pure, unadulterated tranquillity and relaxation. And nowhere is this more true than in the Sellrain valley’s two designated “nature tranquillity zones” – the Stubai Alps and the Kalkkögel protected area with its unique rocky pinnacles reminiscent of the Dolomites.

This unspoilt wilderness is home to ibex, chamois and marmots. Even bears from the south have occasionally been seen to roam the mountains of the Tyrol. It’s very rare, however, to catch a glimpse of one of these shy mountain dwellers – you need a lot of patience, good observation skills and an awful lot of luck!

Offering access to several mountain summits, the trails between the huts are dotted with crystal-clear alpine streams, small lakes and picturesque meadows abloom with cyclamen, alpine roses and many other mountain flowers.

The mountain huts offering refreshments, (some also offer accommodation), provide ideal resting spots.

Never ceasing to provide hikers with spectacular views are the glaciers and their visible traces that have been shaping the landscape here since the last Ice Age. The glaciers’ current retreat is clearly evident and offers a compelling testimony to the reality of climate change.

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Aktionsgemeinschaft Sellrainer Hüttenrunde
mit Ötz- und Inntalschlaufe
DAV Sektion Pforzheim
Heidenheimer Str. 3
75179 Pforzheim, Germany

Tel. +49 (0)7231 140900



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