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With physical distancing in full effect and schools closed until further notice, you may be exhausting your ideas for keeping kids busy with something other than screen time. Why not use this time to bond over a little Tyrolean culture?

Children’s Coloring-In Pictures From Innsbruck

We have a few coloring pages representing iconic folk characters for you to print out at home. You may recognize these characters from some of our previous blog posts. All pages can be downloaded here Innsbruck/ Tirol Coloring Pages. Simply print them out and get coloring!


Tyrolean Folk Characters

This character can be found at almost every Fasnacht parade. This is her before coffee ©Carlos Melgar


Fasnacht characters

…and this is her after her morning coffee © Carlos Melgar

Der Melcher Schuhplatller Dance

One of the most festive Fasnacht characters performing the signature Shuchplattler dance © Carlos Melgar


Telfer Fasnacht Character by Lukas Goller

La Colomba Pasquale by Vitus Vogl-Fernheim


One of Innsbruck’s iconic photo ops © Carlos Melgar

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