01 July 2022
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This year it was easy and fast. All weather services reported: Sunday a beautiful sky, danger of thunderstorms around zero, at most a few fluffy clouds over Innsbruck, nothing more. So Klassik am Berg would not be ended by a huge downpour before the break like last year. But there was another premiere. The concert took place for the first time on the Muttereralm - not on the Patscherkofel.

Magnificent sky

The weather is always what really makes the organizers nervous, says Gerhard Sammer, director of the Tyrolean chamber orchestra InnStrumenti. It has to be decided whether the concert will take place on the mountain or in the Haus der Musik in Innsbruck. We spectators, of course, notice nothing of this tension. We wait for the mail, pack our camping mats and picnic blankets in our backpacks and look forward to the concert.

At 1,608 meters above sea level, the Muttereralm is not quite as high as the Patscherkofelbahn mountain station (1,965 m). Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a decent pad and warm clothes. Once the sun is gone, it can get"zapfig," as they say in Tyrol. I go to the Mutterer Alm already in the early afternoon. And share the gondola with mountain bikers and their bikes. The Bikepark Innsbruck on the Muttereralm is very popular. A heavily frequented trail leads from the Alm down into the valley.

Classic on the mountain

This year the orchestra had to move from the Patscherkofel to the Muttereralm. Perhaps in order not to disturb the cows there, one hears. the cows on the Muttereralm can not be disturbed at all, and we still do not have to do without the tinkling of the cowbells. As the first sounds begin, the cows make their way in an orderly fashion from the field to the lower lying meadow. And - no joke - they trudge up again at the last sounds. They inspect the stage extensively and take their place again. Very attentive of the cows, everyone thinks!

RobSölkner 4tet

The program this time via QR code. So good, if the cell phone still has enough juice. As every year, the chamber orchestra InnStrumenti brings a band on stage. It welcomes the audience already once swinging and plays later also with the orchestra musicians.

This year the choice fell on the RobSölkner 4tet around the Innsbruck composer and pianist Robert Sölkner. The program of the quartet grooves, rather jazzt, the audience to the "main act" - with fine jazz sounds, original compositions by Sölkner.

"The process of program planning begins many years before the concert. In our program team we collect ideas for pieces, soloists, etc.. In this way, we build the program for the concert step by step. There may be well-known pieces. However, creative accents should also be set, new pieces should be created especially for this occasion, etc. We are especially looking for pieces that correspond to the location on the mountain. Pieces that are not heard everywhere, such as this year's 'Tirolese' by Benjamin Britten. In addition, the program for Klassik am Berg always includes a crossover. This year, for example, between classical music and jazz, with the top soloists from the RobSölkner 4tet."

Gerhard Sammer, artistic director

Feather light summer evening

Upbeat program

The best atmosphere right from the start. The meadow fills up with people hungry for music. Around 1200 people follow Klassik am Berg live, with children and dogs, snacks and drinks. "As in the baroque era, it is allowed to smack, slurp, enjoy," says Gerhard Sammer, known for his whimsical and witty moderations. He provides the best entertainment and numerous laughs between the musical pieces. They are light as a feather and fit perfectly to a balmy summer evening.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's 1st movement from Symphony No. 40 in G minor kicks things off. Followed by "Kommt ein schlanker Bursch" from the opera "Der Freischütz" by Carl Maria von Webern. Soloist Lea Bodner accompanied with a lot of humor, acting talent and a wonderful voice. Also smart are the following pieces, including "Charles Aznavour prend un café ave Astor Piazzola" by the Argentinean Astor Piazzola, who died twenty years ago, and "Die lustigen Dorfschmiede", by the Czech composer Julius Fučíks, who would celebrate his 150th birthday this year. During the march there is, as it should be, proper hammering on the stage and bobbing on the lawn.

Sausages & Pretzels

During the break, some get bratwurst and pretzels, Sommerspritzer and beer. While there is still not a single dark cloud in the sky, the Nordkette in all its summery splendor. The second part continues charmingly with Paul Lincke's overture from the operetta Grigri. Johann Strauss must not be missing, of course. In "Mein Herr Marquis" from the operetta Die Fledermaus, Sammer and the Bodners slip into dirndls - much to the delight of the audience. Johannes Brahms Hungarian Dance elated, "Excursion" by the composer Wolfgang Fally present as well.

As always, time flies. Already it is said: last piece. Already there is a fiercely cheered encore and an extra portion of applause for the technical staff and the many helpers behind the stage. They make sure that everything runs smoothly. Just like the employees of the Muttereralmbahn, who gondola 1,200 people down into the valley in no time at all.

In no time at all we are in Mutters. Still buoyant from a fabulous concert in which the InnStrumenti chamber orchestra skillfully juggled opera, operetta, jazz and folk song. Fine music, spicy alpine air, fantastic mountain panorama - a heavenly overall package.

"After the first successful performance on the Muttereralm we are very enthusiastic about this special location! Those responsible in the municipality of Mutters and the entire team of the Mutterer Alm have 'received' us so positively that we now plan - if possible - to hold the concert again in 2023 on the Muttereralm. After consultations with our 'house meteorologist' Prof. Mayr, we are moving the concert in 2023 to the fall. More stable weather conditions can usually be expected there."

Gerhard Sammer, artistic director

If you like to be enchanted, the YouTube channel of the Tyrolean Chamber Orchestra InnStrumenti makes it possible.

The Innsbruck summer offers a series of great musical experiences - from the Promenade Concerts to the Early Music Festival Weeks, go to the program here.

Photos, unless otherwise indicated: © Susanne Gurschler

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