24 February 2023
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March 2 is probably underlined in red in the calendar of classic car fans in Innsbruck. On this day, the second stage of the "Coppa delle Alpi" of the "Mille Miglia" reaches Innsbruck. Coming from St. Moritz, it leads via Mittenwald directly to the square in front of the Tyrolean Landestheater, where the museum-quality vehicles will be presented from 5 p.m. onwards.

It is the third edition of this winter rally, which this year leads from Tirano via St. Moritz, Innsbruck and Bressanone to Bormio. A rally in winter? "That's something for 'hard dogs'," says Andreas Brix, classic car fan and proud owner of an old Rolls-Royce. He organizes the reception of the participants at the finish of the second stage of the Alpine Cup. Brix hopes to motivate some Tyrolean classic car owners to form a quasi welcoming committee with their historic cars.

"Mille Miglia" - 1,000 miles

The classic 1,000-mile "Mille Miglia" rally was once run in the summer between 1927 and 1957 on a triangular course in northern Italy. in 1977, the race was relaunched as the "Mille Miglia Storica". For three years now, there has been a winter version of the rally, the Alpine Rally or "Coppa delle Alpi". As in the summer version, the rally is not driven at top speed. Many of the museum vehicles would not be able to withstand that in the long term.

How does the "Coppa delle Alpi" actually run?

A total of four stages are planned. The drivers have to complete eleven timed stages, 90 timed runs and ten average stages. So even in winter, it's all about uniformity and reliability. Just like in real life, when less emphasis is placed on speed as people get older. And very important: The Alpine Cup places a lot of emphasis on attractive stage destinations, on culinary delights and on being seen in the mostly elaborately restored classic cars. So it's no wonder that Innsbruck was chosen as the stage destination.

A truly exclusive rally

The fact that the "Coppa delle Alpi" is something very special can easily be seen from the participation fee: You have to shell out a total of 5,500 euros to be included in the exclusive circle of rally participants. Another decisive prerequisite is the age of the rally vehicles: they must have been built before 1965. In addition, the organizers have limited participation to 80 vehicles.

'Seeing and being seen' by the beautiful, rich and celebrities is en vogue in the summer. At the winter rallies, however, things are very different. Andreas Brix: "The focus is on sporty driving, but concentration, stamina and a dose of courage are demanded of man and machine." After all, the rally is driven without ABS, ESP and electronic aids. Heated seats and power steering are also usually missing from the vehicles driven by the daring rally drivers.

For Andreas Brix, Innsbruck is an ideal stopover for such a rally. The management consultant and avid classic car fan has a lot of experience in organizing events and knows what he's talking about: "What city in the Alpine region can claim to be able to transport people to the high mountains within half an hour?" What's more, Innsbruck can offer an afternoon program that would require two days elsewhere.

Spectacular for spectators

So it is fair to expect that on March 2, drivable museum pieces will be presented on the square in front of the Landestheater - which will certainly motivate many Tyrolean classic car fans to come to Innsbruck that evening. Two well-known Innsbruck winter rally specialists (both over 70) will certainly be at the reception: Wolfgang Daurer with his Puch 500 and Johann Kofler in the open Sunbeam.

Jour fix of the Tyrolean Oldtimer Friends

The parade of the oldtimers in front of the Tyrolean Landestheater is for Tyrol's oldtimer friends something like a start into the new association year. This begins officially however somewhat later, and in May with the oldtimer regulars' table.

  • Every second Wednesday in the month the Aficionados of old companions meet in the Absamer Gasthof Bogner starting from 18:30 o'clock.
  • And on every first Sunday of the month (starting on May 7), the Oldtimer Sunday will be held again from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Rum Metro parking lot near Innsbruck held: Look at classic cars, show classic cars, make contacts.

The 'classic car program' for this summer is also already fixed:

3.-5. March: Classic car exhibition at the EUROANTIK fair in Innsbruck

14.-17. September: Rolls-Royce & Bentley Tyrol Tour 2023

14.-September 17th: International Sports Car Festival

22.-24. September: VW Bus and Beetle Meeting at the Natterer Lake

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