La Locura Openers

From May 5th to the 7th, in the House of Music in the center of Innsbruck, I had the pleasure of attending the La Locura Tango Festival. The city came alive to the beat of tango, but, don’t get things twisted, this wasn’t a dance festival, it was a music festival with dancing!

An International Affair

This was the 4th time the La Locura festival has taken place in Innsbruck, but this year had more than ever before. There were over 60 musicians from all around the world, Argentina, Serbia, everywhere. Even the attendees were from all over, truly an international affair. With programs in both the small and big halls, there was a lot to take in, but the schedule was perfect, you could see it all! Some came in pairs, some alone, but everyone that wanted to dance got the opportunity. It was up to the individual to decide if they would lead or follow.

Cheek to Cheek

The first live performance on Friday was enjoyed seated, the spectators enraptured, but once the second song started there was a swarm to the dance floor, partners mixing and twirling cheek to cheek. One of the amazing and beautiful parts of the House of Music is that behind the stage, there are floor to ceiling windows, looking out to a tree, making a stage backdrop that changes with the sunlight and the time. All sorts came, some with less experience, others fully prepared. Some came with bags filled with their dancing shoes, water, and even towels, ready for hours of enjoyment. A wide age range and experience, some casual, others dressed to the nines, all were welcome. Personally, I was happy to enjoy the music and watch others dancing. Dance is not a talent I possess.

Music at the Core

It was an interesting mixture of tango dancing and concert. Listening to the music from a seat, then taking advantage of the dance floor and partners swaying and dancing across the floor. So many tango festivals focus only on the dance, however La Locura is the first tango festival to have primarily live music! The organizers are passionate not only about music but about tango! At the core of this festival is the music!

Get Tickets Early!

There is the option of day tickets, combination tickets, or even the superpass allowing the ticket holder admission to all events in the small and large halls with a secured seat. Though this is the 4th time this festival has taken place, it has been sold out each time. The tickets sell out incredibly fast each time, so my tip for next year, book early! This is an event you won’t want to miss!

Cover Photo: @Laura Wunsch

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