Get Ready to dance

Get your dancing shoes ready and start your toes tapping because June 25th & 26th, Innsbruck will play host to the Stars of Tomorrow Dance Gala. This event has been around well over 20 years, so if you don’t already know, now’s the time! Traveling all around Austria, bringing dance to the next generation, the end of June is Innsbrucks time to shine!

An international affair

More than 20 numbers will show off the skills of three US dance companies and two Tyrolean companies. The Urban Dance Theater from Innsbruck and Joydance from Imst will represent Tyrol, while the Dallas Ballet Company, Utah Metropolitan Ballet 2 and the Dallas Repertoire Ballet  will show what the US can bring to the table! Starting on Tuesday June 25th at 7:30 pm and also Wednesday June 26th from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm at the Congress Innsbruck , there is plenty of show and massive talent to be seen. 

something for everyone

This event will leave no one behind, there is of course something for everyone! From jazz to classical ballet, hip hop to musical and even contemporary there is a broad scope of dance to take in. With more than 140 insanely talented young dancers between the ages of 12 and 18, the future of dance looks bright!

Youth inspiring youth

In the name of youth inspiring youth, Wednesday’s matinee will be reserved for Tyrolean students to show off the various dance styles and hopefully inspire others to try out the art form. In addition, there will be free workshops with an American instructor. It’s all about bringing a positive influence to the next generation and inspiring them to give dance a chance!

Universal language of dance

Art brings people together, regardless of language or background it is something that everyone can enjoy and appreciate! Giving the next generation the opportunity to try something new is so important, so why not dance? With free workshops, city tours, dance projects, and flash mobs, there’s really no reason not to jump in! 

All photos : Almut Schobesberger

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