Vibrancy music at Seegrube

On Saturday 23rd April I went up to Seegrube, part of the huge ‘Nordkette’ mountain chain that towers above Innsbruck.  Vibrancy Music were holding an event there, 2000 metres up, so I took the Hungerburgbahn from Congress station, close to the city centre, up to the village of Hungerburg. Then, after a bit of a wait in the queue for the cable car (it was the final day of the season so lots of skiers and snowboarders wanted to get a last few runs and jumps in) it was up the mountain to enjoy the show! Watch the full DJ Set in the video below:

Vibrancy Music DJ Set on Nordkette

This was Vibrancy’s second event in Innsbruck, following on from hosting Felix Raphael at the Bergisel ski jump last year (watch that amazing show HERE).  This time around the Berlin-based duo Yannek Maunz und Johanson were the performers. The venue was the Cloud 9 bar. 

The views over Innsbruck from Seegrube are spectacular, so there were plenty of people milling around close to the bar. At first the duo’s melodic techno was treated as mere background noise. There were a few people tapping their toes but it wasn’t making much of an impression.

The party gets going

Following this slow start, the volume got turned up, more people gathered and the party got going. About an hour into the set, the small snow-free dance floor in front of the stage filled up to the point where an encore was demanded and duly delivered to a (by then) throbbing mass of revellers (as much as it’s possible to ‘revel’ in freezing temperatures at three in the afternoon!)


Following the set I caught up with Felix from Vibrancy Music for a little chat.

What is Vibrancy music?
Felix: Vibrancy is me and my friend Dominik. We founded the company in 2019, before the pandemic. We wanted to do amazing parties with audiences but with the pandemic that was really difficult so at first we decided to do only video shoots without audiences. We overcame things this way.

What was the original concept of Vibrancy?
Felix: The concept is very simple: Great music in amazing locations.

Where have you held events before and how do you find your locations?
Felix: Me and Dominik are based in Stuttgart so most of our events have been held in and around there. But we wanted to go further afield so we googled potential locations. That led to holding an event last year at the Bergisel ski jump here in Innsbruck, and through that event we made contacts here and that meant we could organise today’s event.

Tell us a bit about today’s act, Yannek Maunz und Johanson?
Felix: They are a Berlin based melodic techno act. We are long time fans of theirs but we’d never actually met them until today. Yannek Maunz is a DJ and producer, Johanson is the singer.

What would be your dream Vibrancy event? Headliner and location?
Felix: Paul Kalkbrenner. As for location, it’s difficult because for someone as big as Kalkbrenner you need space for 20,000 people. So it’s a bit restricted. Maybe in the south, somewhere hot.

Paul Kalkbrenner on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean maybe?
Felix: Yeah, maybe something like that!

Danke Felix and good luck in future
Felix: Thanks.

It’s obvious these boys love what they do and love Innsbruck. I’m sure they’ll be back. Check their website to keep up to date: Vibrancy Music

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