23 September 2022
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Hiking with a treat for the palate: It's Sunday at the Aldranser Alm. From further away we hear the music, on the last meters to the Alm some e-bikers pass us. The bicycle parking spaces are well occupied, the tables on the terrace all occupied. No problem, then one moves just a little together. It's nothing new that an alpine pasture is very busy at midday on a sunny summer day. A glance at the crowd reveals that most of the people here seem to be locals. And in between? In between are newcomers who, like us, have heard about the culinary awards and have come to taste. Probably the most difficult crowd a chef could wish for

Falstaff & Gault Millau Awards

It was only three years ago that Brigitte Wolf learned through an acquaintance that the Aldranser Alm was being re-advertised. The application was successful, and since then Brigitte and her team have been running the Alm. Gastroexperience brings the Ampasserin plentifully with - since her fifteenth year of life she works in the catering trade and the mansion Blanka in Innsbruck has it likewise graduated. The Alm is open six days a week, on the day off she takes care of the shopping and does other things. A full-time job in the truest sense of the word and that as a single mother of two teenagers.

The fact that her efforts are worthwhile is not only confirmed by her guests, but for some time now also by the two awards she has received from Falstaff (evaluation of a specialized jury in the first expenditure of the hut guide 2022 with 98 of 100 points) and Gault Millau (Award 2021 as a Gourmet Alm). Two award that Brigitte, despite great modesty, fill with pride

Guaranteed no fries!

Experience shows that dishes and menus are always best explained by the people who designed them

Brigitte, we come wandering hungry to you on the alp. What would you recommend we try for a multi-course menu?

We make everything ourselves, starting with the breakfast menu the farmhouse bread and jam. We also have everything from yogurt with fresh fruit and porridge to a variety of egg dishes - everything you need for a good breakfast.
I would offer as an appetizer our goat caprese with farmhouse bread. Then as a main course one of our various daily dishes (every day 2-3 changing) such as Almrösti with bacon and egg or chanterelle gröstl with salad or from the "normal" menu Kasspatzln or Bauerngröstl. And as a dessert a Kaiserschmarrn. Or one of the many homemade cakes or seasonal homemade Kirchtagskrapfen, or wine noodles..

That sounds wonderful! And what should we drink with it?

For example, a homemade lemon balm juice or an alcoholic Select Spritz or Lavendelspritz

Behind your alpine pasture graze the goats - and you make the goat cheese yourself?

Exactly the seven goats and the one goat are taken care of by the farmer Georg Kianzner. Our goat cheese is a natural product and the milk depends on many factors: Outside temperature, weather, grass (feed of goats), temperature of the milk during production and of course hygiene. Our goat cheese is made without rennet and only with natural yogurt and lemon juice.

What ingredient could you not do without in your kitchen?

My fresh herbs from my raised bed on the mountain pasture

What are the seasonal highlights that you serve?

Nettle dumplings, raw bean dumplings, chanterelle dumplings, chanterelle gröstl and cranberry pancakes

And what do you guarantee will never be on the menu?

French fries. We are still an alpine pasture and I don't think French fries belong there. The demands are getting higher but I try to stay local and regional
As an alpine pasture, that is probably the highest distinction you can create for yourself. Thanks for your answers and your time, Brigitte!

Pleasure #withaview

On my tasting tour we try the goat caprese and the Kaspressknödel. Both are perfectly seasoned and freshly prepared. It will certainly not remain with the only one visit, because even if Brigitte has not mentioned it at all in the conversation... the goat casburger also looks fantastic and calls for another hike

Hike to the Aldranser Alm

Several hiking routes lead to the Aldranser Alm, here are the three most popular:

  • from Rinn in approx. 1,5 hrs. (550hm uphill)
  • from Fagslung near Aldrans in approx. 1 hr. 45 min. (590hm uphill)
  • from Schutzhaus Patscherkofel (mountain station Patscherkofelbahn) in approx. 1,5 hrs. (520hm downhill)

From Aldrans you take the signposted route 554 by mountain bike to the alp

The hike can - depending on your mood and condition - also be extended to a longer hike in combination with the Rinner Alm, the Sistranser Alm, the Schutzhaus on the Patscherkofel and even the Patscher Alm


Aldranser Alm way
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