I don’t know about you but when I think of wine, I don’t really think of Austria. Maybe it’s that I am American, but thinking about Europe, there are some very clear stereotypes I have… Germany is the land of beer, Italy is the land of wine…. And… Austria is in the middle. But I’m here to tell you, Austria is not to be overlooked! There are some darn good wines being produced in this country, and many without a big price tag either!

Every year Innsbruck plays host to the Weinmesse, where several wine makers gather in the convention center of Innsbruck to present their wines to the public, and whether you’re looking to buy one bottle or several cases of wine it’s a fantastic event to check out!

My Disclaimer

wines lined up

So many wines to choose from, no matter what your preference, they have something for you!

Let’s get one thing out of the way first, just a small disclaimer. I enjoy wine, but I am by no means an expert on the subject. I am not a sommelier, I can barely pronounce the word, but I do enjoy a glass of wine, and I do have opinions on the subject. So let me just go ahead and say, you’re reading a blog, not a scientific journal, and if you disagree with me….. that’s fine. So let’s do this! Off to the Weinmesse!


It’s All so Delicious!

various cheeses

What is wine… without a little snack! Many stands offered free samples to peak your interest.

It is the 18th international wine convention in Innsbruck where around 180 exhibitors, mostly winemakers, showing off around 1600 different wines trying to impress you with their creations and make their label your new favorite. Although most of the stands are winemakers, that is not everything that this exhibition has to offer, there are also stands with olive oil, salami, cheese, coffee, chocolate, whiskey, gin and much, much more. A playground for the taste buds!

Various salamis

It was a perfect mixture of wine and food, just check out these stands!

Go Get Your Glass!

wine stand

It seemed like each stand came with an interesting conversation. These wine makers are so passionate about their craft!

I always thought that the Weinmesse was not for individuals to go to, but more businesses looking for wine suppliers or at least people that buy cases at a time, so I never really went, until last year when a friend suggested we go. But now I’m hooked! It’s something I look forward to every year, and I’m not alone!

I found the Weinmesse this year surprisingly busy, but the lay out of the event makes it easy to navigate and with the size of the stands there is a sense of personal attention given – you feel looked after.

My favourites are the small Austrian wine makers; usually they don’t have very large stands, and only a few types of wine. Those are the ones that will tell you the best stories about how the wine is made, how they started making wine and why; you can feel the passion that goes into their work!

So many kinds of wine

So many kinds, and brands, and names…. all with their own unique story.

Don’t Let it Pass You By!

There are so many people that visit Oktoberfest for that German beer experience, or go to Italy to tour wineries in that area, but if you’re into wine your next trip should be Austria! It is seriously overlooked, and to get your interest piqued stop by the Weinmesse in Innsbruck and take a tour of all the wine that Austria has to offer!


Photos : @Edith Hamberger

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