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12 August 2017
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I LOVE the Hard Rock Cafe, let me just start there. I mean, I don’t want to embarrass myself TOO much, but I was that kid in school that had a Hard Rock t-shirt from literally everywhere. There are 194 Hard Rocks spanning 74 different countries and I cannot wait to get my t-shirt from the Innsbruck Hard Rock, number 195!

Big Name in a Small Town

Part of the charm of Innsbruck is that it is what I call a big-little city. It has a small town feel, where you run into people you know on the street, you can walk almost everywhere you want to go, but it is still a big city with lots to do and see. There isn’t a Starbucks on every corner, and although we have things like McDonalds and Subway, tourists and visitors have the pleasure of trying new things and diving into the Innsbruck way of life. The new Hard Rock Cafe is situated in the middle of Maria-Theresien-Straße, built within a 600 year old building and boasting 1000 square meters and embracing the traditional facade of the city, mixing together the Innsbruck tradition and charm, with the Hard Rock name and everything that goes along with it!

Two floors of the Hard Rock Cafe Innsbruck

Sprawled out over two floors, the Hard Rock Innsbruck is spacious!


We will see farther down the road just what kind of impact the Hard Rock Cafe will have in Innsbruck, however I’m optimistic that it will be a positive influence, considering what they have been involved with already even though they are not open yet. I wrote about the New Orleans Festival only a short while ago and one of the sponsors for the event was the Hard Rock Cafe, even giving away things at the event.

All in One : Food & Drinks, Merch & Music

Hard Rock Shop Innsbruck

For all your Hard Rock needs, visit the shop, with everything you could want

The restaurant boasts using regional ingredients and providing a extra menu section for vegans. There’s a fully stocked bar, a shop for all your Hard Rock needs and the thing I’m most pumped for – a stage! The Hard Rock Cafe is a big deal in concerts and I hope that the one in Innsbruck will be no different. Innsbruck is a very musical city and you can find music every day of the week played live in bars all over town, but Hard Rock Cafe can maybe pull some of those bigger stars that don’t normally stop by on their way through Europe. A girl can hope!

Hard Rock Stage in Innsbruck, Austria

Stage all ready to go, the Hard Rock Innsbruck aims to have live music around twice a week!

Coming Soon!

I looked and looked and have yet to find any fix dates for the opening of the Hard Rock Cafe in Innsbruck, only billboards and teasers on Facebook, but it should be here starting in August or September, starting with a soft opening then hitting the town with their grand opening!

Memorabilia wall Innsbruck, Hard Rock Cafe Innsbruck

The beautiful layout of the Hard Rock Innsbruck combined with the rock and roll memorabilia from famous names like Prince, Motörhead, Elvis and even Lady Gaga!

At this point, I’m counting the days until I can get my t-shirt and burger!

Delicious mini burger, Hard Rock Cafe Innsbruck

I had the pleasure of going to the pre-opening media event which came with mini versions of menu items… I can’t WAIT for the normal sized burger, it was so delicious!

All Photos : © Edith Hamberger

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