13 January 2021
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I usually encounter advice literature in any form with certain reservations, if only because I don't like to be told anything. A young savage should forge his own luck, or something like that. Recently, however, the mountain enthusiast and photographer, Innsbruck blogger and bestselling author Marius Schwager presented his own personal list of the 60 most beautiful mountain adventures around the small city in the Alps in the Innsbruck Outdoor Guide. What makes his latest "mountain guide" so special, Marius revealed to me on a little winter walk through his favorite city.


We meet at a distance in Waltherpark on the Inn, directly under the statue of the minnesinger. Marius hands me his very personal ode to the Alps in 60 stanzas hot off the press - the very first edition ever. When I congratulate the author on his 300-page work, he waves it off modestly, because the Innsbruck Outdoor Guide contains much more heart and soul. Namely, by no means only his own, laughs the publisher a loud adventurer's laugh. And indeed: Whoever puts the superlative on the title page must also deliver the very best! In this case, of course, it was teamwork when the appropriate Alpine Specialists have their say on each of the 60 hand-picked individual adventures. Marius sees himself more as a hunter and collector of these special places and moments (ecce professional photographer). And because the most beautiful things are best shared, there is this book, grins the mountain expert.


Nevertheless, this visually stunning mountain work is not technical literature. Rather, subtly arranged instructions for alpine adventures of all kinds. For sofa potatoes there is therefore no recommendation at this point, but for all others absolutely. You should have a certain level of fitness for the simple experiences, but you don't have to be a top athlete. You just need to be confident on the bike, in the climbing rock, with the touring skis, in the kayak and - of course - saddle-proof in the mountain and trail shoes. Depending on which of the recommended adventures you take on, the various alpine sports combine to form impressive works of art. There is no other way to describe it, because Marius not only provides all the tour and GPX data digitally, but also reveals his best photo spots and professional tips for the perfect souvenir photo.


It goes without saying that the assembled alpine friends focus primarily on sustainability in this glossy letter of recommendation. The Tyrolean transport association Verkehrsverbund Tirol (VVT) was also won over as a cooperation partner and thus presents comfortable travel by regional public transport for almost all tours (except kayaking and rafting). With the Tyrolean Environmental Advocate's Office, nature conservation also has its say and urges respectful treatment of all natural resources. Thus, this book is not only a colorful declaration of love to the vast Tyrolean mountains, but above all an exemplary guide for adventures with a good conscience.


During such a snowy city walk behind the book scenes, you sense that Marius is really at home out there. And that's where he takes away some of my reservations about the usual know-it-all bestsellers: he doesn't promise me a better life, he just wants to take me with him - to the most impressive places he knows.

With the Innsbruck Outdoor Guide Marius & Co give me all their experience in all disciplines and across all seasons in the hand. Even on the road, because all the guides, geodata, tour information and photo tips are also included in the book as digital downloads. This leaves more room in the rucksack for the essentials, Marius winks at me as we say goodbye. Then he has to leave again, as we all know that there is always some mountain adventure waiting here in Innsbruck.

The Innsbruck Outdoor Guide was lovingly published by Mountain Moments Verlag and can be found in well-stocked specialist shops. For those who prefer to save themselves the search, it is best to order directly and online from Marius/Mountain Moments.

Photos: Marius Schwager, Mountain Moments

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