Crankworx in Innsbruck… that goes down like chain lube. A week dedicated only to the two wheels, a bunch of massive new trails and our city as a Mountainbike-Mecca. Too good to be true? Naaah. It’s happening!

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Breaking ground for Crankworx 2017

Challenge accepted

Some naysayers might have had skeptical thoughts about the realness (and feasibility) of the whole project at first. Admittedly, it all happened so fast, that we could hardly grasp the idea of the legendary festival taking place in our hometown. But when Innsbruck has set its mind on something, it will pull it through, and it will pull it through well. Like really well…like Crankworx-Style insanely well!!

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Bike now, walk later. Bike City Innsbruck is born!

Hello Bike City!

And ooh, are we excited about this whole new notion of Innsbruck as THE Bike City. For many of us, Innsbruck has always been a Bike City, but as it is now official, we are now authorized to claim our right to be here and to do the one and only thing we want: Ride!

Anyways, the event is fast-approaching and not only the great anticipation is causing sleepless nights for some of us, but for others also an immense amount of work that needs to be completed before the 21st of June. At Muttereralm, which is now officially Bikepark Innsbruck, excavators are busy digging 24/7 and the mountain gets readier and readier for the contests: Downhill, Slopestyle, Dual Speed & Style, Whip Off, and on the Pumptrack. The crème de la crème of mountain biking will compete on the mostly newly built trails and a spectacular show can be expected – find the detailed program here.

Crankworx mountainbike event myinnsbruck bike city innsbruck bike ride

Crankworx Tourmanager Darren Kinnaird is ready for the show in Innsbruck

The perfect line

Tom Hey and Darren Kinnaird sounded equally excited to be here, as no other tour stop combines the urban city life and wild mountains as Innsbruck does. They have sensed only positive vibes within the community on site and are extremely motivated to show Innsbrucks bike maniacs whole new levels of skills (and craziness). With Tom we have the ultimate trail brain on board for our new Bikepark, he draws his skills from a massive pool of experience which he collected in his home New Zealand and all over the world. The Bikepark Innsbruck will of course remain after Crankworx and will definitely put one or another smile on our muddy faces. 

trail shape innsbruck myinnsbruck crankworx

Tom Hey is an expert when it comes to trail shaping, and right now he is digging deep @ Innsbruck Bikepark


Counting days…

Nobody can ride all day, so of course there is an extensive side program full of party, expos, the “Kidsworx” and Freestyle events at the Landhausplatz.

So if there is anything marked in your calendar from the 21st to 25th of June, rip that page out. Just do it. The World’s biker-eyes will be on us, so let’s show them how much we love our sports, mountains and, not to forget, our parties! 

Crankworx, the countdown is on!

crankworx myinnsbruck bike city innsbruck

…what you can expect!


You want to be part of Crankworx Innsbruck 2017?

Check out our comeptition below!

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