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Before the sun can do its job, it has to chase away the misty remnants of the humid air which arrived here last night. We can then look forward to a pleasant day.


The ideal holiday weather will become even more stable during the following days. The risk of showers will be low during the next few days and the weather will remain bright.

Panorama Webcams in Innsbruck and its regions

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Accessible Innsbruck

City tours, sightseeing, hotels and restaurants: Innsbruck offers top infrastructure to ensure people with disabilities have a great holiday. Experience the unique blend of alpine adventure and urban lifestyle. The following pages provide numerous options for an accessible stay in Innsbruck.

Shopping in Innsbruck - wheelchair accessible!

In Innsbruck you can find lots of shopping availabilitys. We present you some of the wheelchair accessible shops.

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Rathaus Galerien
(Shopping mall in the centre of town)

The Rathaus Galerien offer a variety of shops easily accessible in a wheelchair. The shops are all on ground-level without steps. Underground carpark below, car parks for handicapped, wheelchair accessible lifts, toiletts for handicapped easily accessible. 

Shopping centres DEZ and Sillpark

The two shopping centres are situated on the outskirts of Innsbruck, parking for handicapped available. Car parks, shops and Restaurants accessible with lifts. Wheelchair accessible toilets. 

Kaufhaus Tyrol 

Traditional and contemporary come together in the Kaufhaus Tyrol shopping centre.
A number of facilities are available to ensure that customers with disabilities can move around the shopping centre freely and easily. The visually impaired can follow an integrated guidance system from the Maria-Theresien-Strasse entrance to the information desk. Barrier-free toilet facilities are available in the 2nd and 3rd basement levels. They include wheelchair accessible toilet cubicles fitted with emergency alarms. 

Shopping in the old town

Most of the shops in the Historic Town of Innsbruck are on ground level. Though some are only accessible via 2 or 3 steps. The whole Historic Town centre is laid out in cobble stones. Underneath the arcades althoug the slates are bigger, therefore easier accessible with wheelchairs. 

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Swarovski Innsbruck

Swarovski Innsbruck now sparkles brighter than ever. A glistening shopping world has been established in the Old Town of Innsbruck. All floors are wheelchair-accessible!

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In the parts of facetten - Thomas Feuerstein

All shoppers, who are strolling under the arcades of Innsbruck’s historic center, will find a magic attraction situated close to the southern entrance of the Old Town: the largest Swarovski shop in the world. Swarovski, the Tyrolean Crystal Company established the shop in a classy revitalized building of the 15th century. The spacious office premises, which are embraced by listed walls, will be rebuilt in January 2011. From summer 2011 onwards, the enchanting world of crystals will present itself in a new look: larger and more impressive than ever.  

Swarovski Innsbruck

Swarovski Innsbruck, Tel. +43-512-573100

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Casino Innsbruck

Experience a great evening of fun and games at the wheelchair accessible casino in Innsbruck. The jackpot Casino has level access and every area is wheelchair accessible. The playing area, toilets and garages are all accessible via a lift.

Innsbruck with professional care

Will you require support during a stay in Innsbruck? The team at Residenz Veldidenapark are here for you. Services range from accommodation with nursing care to qualified support for day trips – helping people with disabilities have a completely relaxing holiday, either alone or with family.

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Optional services at Residenz Veldidenapark Innsbruck:

  • Wheelchair accessible accommodation near the city centre
  • Hotel rooms or holiday care rooms with modern safety technology and an emergency call system to the qualified, in-house service team at Residenz Veldidenapark Innsbruck. 
  • Breakfast, half board or full board
  • Care and support available, in-house and for excursions
  • Films on request: viewing at the in-house cinema
  • Hairdresser, manicures and pedicures
  • Pets welcome
  • Qualified support available
  • For every level of care
  • Doctors on site
  • Mobilisation and therapy services

Your visit:

We offer individual solutions, such as providing companions for city tours and helping with transactions or event bookings. The Veldidena team is happy to help you plan your visit. Consultation with the Residenz care expert is a prerequisite – preferably before your visit.


If you are travelling unaccompanied and require support from nursing staff, the price is € 173 per day. This includes all meals and a basic laundry service for undergarments. These costs do not apply when travelling with a caregiver. A single room with full board costs € 99.50 per night, a bed in a double room with full board costs € 84.50 per night.

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Altitude training center Innsbruck/Kühtai

For athletes with physical, mental and sensorial disabilities. Ideal training conditions for handicapped athletes in the framework of our altitude training center program ...

More information >

Ever since the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City, top athletes have been using altitude training to increase their performance. Specialists in sports science nowadays favor a further development in the area of altitude training, using "live high – train low" strategies. 

Instead of giving long, tiring explanations we let trainers and athletes who have already participated in the program of the altitude training center have their say:

Lower Saxony's sports association of handicapped athletes (Behinderten-Sportverband Niedersachsen e.V. (BSN)) for example participated in Innsbruck/Kühtai's altitude training center program this year for the first time. Seven athletes, among them Malte Schneeberg, the current Junior Vice Champion in wheelchair racing, prepared themselves for upcoming competitions with training sessions in Kühtai, the Olympic village and at the University Sports Institute in Innsbruck.

Anthony Kahlfeldt, athletic coordinator of the BSN, praises the excellent conditions in Kühtai and Innsbruck.

"The training conditions in Kühtai and at the university’s sports facilities offer ideal prerequisites and all amenities necessary to prepare adequately for important competitions. Especially handicapped athletes rely on the fact that they can train without any limits to their mobility. And these requirements are met here in Tirol."

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Swarovski Crystal Worlds Wattens

The Swarovski Crystal Worlds provide their visitors with a magical experience, an escape of everyday life. A visit also for handicapped guests not to be missed!

More information >

Generally no problem is a visit in a wheelchair. If you use an electric wheelchair which proves itself too heavy or too big for the lifts you will be able to change into a smaller wheelchair, which the Crystal Worlds provide. Handicapped accessible WC within the Crystal Worlds. To make your visit as pleasurable as possible please phone in advance.   

Shuttlebus from Innsbruck

From Innsbruck main station (bus station) there are several shuttle buses daily to Swarovski Crystal Worlds and back. As in all public buses, there is enough room for a wheelchair and the step to get in is very low. Nevertheless help from other travellers or a companion is required to get into the bus and out. Busdrivers are not allowed to leave their seat.

Swarovski Crystal World

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Tyrolean State Museum for the blind and visually impaired

Museums don’t have to be experienced using your sense of sight. The BSVT (Tyrolean Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired) and the Tyrolean State Museums demonstrate this with “Fein-Gefühlt” (Enhanced Perception). Special tours at the Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art give visitors the chance to discover the many treasures on display without using their sense of sight. The tour is also a great experience for the sighted.

More information >

Listen, touch, smell

Sighted museum visitors put themselves in the hands of guides for the duration of the tour. Participants are equipped with dark or simulation glasses and a white cane, allowing them to experience the world of the blind and the visually impaired. “Fein-Gefühlt” takes small groups of up to ten people to the Fisser-Stube, which is the original living room from an old farmhouse located at the Museum of Tyrolean Folk Art. Various senses are stimulated as soon as participants enter the room. For example, through the creaking of the floor, the smell of the wood and the special acoustics in the room. Participants sit on a wooden bench that runs around the entire room and start exploring – by touching the table, the chairs, the carved hanging cupboards, the brick oven and the cool crown glass of the windows.

Culture you can touch

Museums are normally filled with “Please do not touch” signs but that’s not the case on this tour. A collection of everyday items sits ready on the table, for example a keyhole, a door hinge, a horn spoon, a butter mould and a rounded container. While participants familiarise themselves with the room, a guide provides interesting information about the topics of living, eating, religion and work, as well as details about the materials and patterns of objects that participants touch.

Clothing and traditional dress

Participants learn about the region’s traditional dress and clothing, which is still worn with pride today, albeit mainly for special occasions. The “Fein-Gefühlt” tour also covers how certain pieces of clothing and accessories, from belts to hats, were intertwined with the lives of the people. And an audio drama takes participants back 100 years to get a taste of the sometimes arduous life of the time.

Art and culture for all

In 2008, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities called for equal access to art and culture. Tyrolean museums lead by example, constantly striving to provide access for people with disabilities. Klaus Guggenberger, chairman of the BSVT, sees “Fein-Gefühlt” as a big step in the right direction and Wolfgang Meighörner, the director of the Tyrolean State Museum, shares this opinion: “We are delighted that the BSVT approached us to jointly develop a new offering for the blind and visually impaired and to bring it to the attention of the wider public. We want the museum to be a great experience for all.”


Dr. Angelika Schafferer, Visitor Communications Manager, Tel +43 512 59489 111; email: anmeldung@tiroler-landesmuseen.at

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Garden of senses

This garden, the first in Austria, was built in 1999 to enable our disabled visitors to appreciate the diversity of plants.

More information >

All plants cultivated in this area are labelled, not only in conventional print, but also in Braille. You are invited to experience the manifold scents of plants and their great structural variety with your nose and your hands!

Entrance fees: 2 € for adults, 1 € for children, students, seniors
open in summer between 7.30 am until 7.00 pm

Sorry no car parks at the entrance, near by short parking area (3 hours). Bus stop "A" in front of the entrance.

The botanical garden is situated a little bit above Innsbruck, the street is rather steep. The garden itself can be visited with a wheelchair.

Botanischer Garten der Universität Innsbruck
Sternwartestraße 15, 6020 Innsbruck
Phone: +43 512 / 50 75 11 10
E-mail: Botanischer-Garten@uibk.ac.at

More information

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Information trail for blind people

In Innsbruck, a trail for the blind along the river Sill has been established. It is also accessible for wheelchair users and equally interesting for blind and seeing people.
The new promenade on the Sill river is ideally suited as the river, the birds and the blossoming trees are an ideal olfactory-and auditory scenery for blind people. This trail along the river Sill for blind people can walked along independently, safely and without escort. 

More information >

There are Info points with touchable images along the promenade which provide information about the nature around the rivers Sill and Inn. You will be informed about the trees, fish and the electrical engineering production. For blind people a brochure in braille is avaiable free of charge at the BTSV.

Until now several info points between the Grenobler Bridge over the river Inn and one of the smaller bridges over the river Sill. In the next years the promenade will be expanded to the "Baggersee" (an quarry pond) and to the Sillpark Shopping centre.

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