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The month of February 2019 is still in a good mood! After this clear starry night, morning temperatures will be quite low for the time of year, but as soon as the sun appears it will shine from a perfectly blue sky and make temperatures rise to spring-like values.


High pressure will reach its climax on Monday! Furthermore, the temperatures will be mild. We can thus look forward to a marvellous day!

The next harmless clouds will not arrive before Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Cycling in the city

No traffic jams, no searching or paying for parking, and no air pollution, just free exercise and a good network of cycle lanes. There are many reasons why cycling as a means of transportation is becoming ever more popular. 90 kilometres of cycle lanes and routes on streets with little traffic already exist in Bike City. We've collected some tips, tricks and general rules to help you safely discover and enjoy Bike City by bicycle. 

General conduct

Cyclists can sometimes make their way between street traffic and pedestrians quickly and flexibly, and sometimes just leisurely. The correct conduct helps everyone, especially those 'slower' pedestrians. Following the traffic rules and respecting pedestrians should come naturally to every cyclist, and free movement in public areas is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy, so let's conduct ourselves as paragons of cycling!

Cycle lanes

In Bike City, we have some special signposted cycle lanes. In particular, the Inn Valley Cycle Route is extremely popular amongst visitors and locals. There are even special cycle lanes, known locally as 'cycle highways' taking you to the airport, the technical university and and the DEZ shopping centre, and using these, athletic cyclists are often in and out of the city quicker than drivers.

Prohibited routes

Currently, there are prohibited areas where they make sense - even if they are sometimes a little hidden. A particularly sensitive spot is Maria-Theresien-Straße, a street in which many pedestrians and visitors are out and about and, naturally, it is prohibited to ride here between 10:30am and 10pm. Alternative routes are signposted and often quicker. Cycling prohibition also exists in the Old Town - much better and easier to push your bike or lock it up and visit the sights, cafes, bars and restaurants  on foot. It is, however, possible to cycle on the Burggraben between 6am and 10:30 am. We have all the information you need.

Bus and tram

Bus and tram routes occasionally criss-cross cycling routes, and we recommend consideration from and for all parties. A simple way for everyone to continue on their way and keep their temper. At some bus stops, the cycle lanes disappear and it is recommended that cyclists take care and dismount, as the boarding and disembarking passengers often fail to notice any cyclists heading their way.

Taking bikes on buses and trams

Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) has differing rules regarding transport of bikes depending on the type of train and the route. In general though, if there are places on the regional trains, then it is fine (usually for a small fee), but inter-city rains require an advance booking. Disassembled and packed bikes, as well as folding bikes, can be carried as hand luggage. You can get more information from

The public transport service in Innsbruck (IVB) allows cyclists to transport their (clean) bikes for free, as long as the space is not required for someone in greater need. Naturally, prams and wheelchairs always come first, and we thank you for your understanding. Bus route J has bicycle racks for 4 bikes at the back, while the regional buses (Postbus) currently allow bikes only at the driver's discretion. 

Bicycle theft

Don't make it easy! Even in Innsbruck bikes are stolen. Please use high-quality locks,  lock your frame and wheels to one of the many cycle racks around the city and ensure your valuable bike is within sight.

City Bike

Register, rent, and ride. Discover Bike City in a cheap and  environmentally-friendly style without the hassle of traffic jams and searching for a parking spot. Registration and rental can be done at City Bike terminal, via the nextbike App or by telephone under +43 512 908069.

Important laws for cyclists

  • Alcohol: limit of 0.8 per mill (0.4 mg/l air), penalty from €800 to €5,900.
  • If there is a cycle lane provided, it must be used.
  • It is prohibited to ride on pavements, but pushing is allowed.
  • Required equipment: two fully-functioning brakes, front and rear lights, reflectors, etc.
  • Telephoning while riding is forbidden.



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