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This is mountain biking in Innsbruck. First, you pedal hard uphill. The summery stop on two wheels then takes place in one of the numerous mountain huts, which are usually located on the route or are the intended tour destination. Enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains, before you swing back into the saddle.

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Flaurlinger Alm mountain hut - MTB route (582)

8.5 KM 8.5 KM
1010 M 1.010 M
hard hard
From the village hall in Flaurling, the route leads to the Kohlerkapelle chapel and along a wide trail through the Flaurling Valley to the Flaurlinger Alm, a mountain hut located at an altitude of 1,613 metres above sea level. The route is a technical and physical challenge for experienced bikers.

Flaurlinger Alm from district „Schwaighof“ (582)

5.5 KM 5.5 KM
701 M 701 M
hard hard
Start at the "Schwaighof" car park - route no. 582 - follow the gravel and forest path south through the Flaurling Valley - at the fork in the path go straight ahead, the route gets steeper - turn left when you come to another fork (the route splits) with a wayside cross and bench - continue to the Flaurlinger Alm mountain hut. The route is a technical and physical challenge for experienced bikers.

Fließerwald - Oberbach (542)

6.8 KM 6.8 KM
1000 M 1.000 M
medium medium
Bike and hike from Zirl to the Solsteinhaus mountain hut. The climb starts at the underpass at the northern end of town and follows the road towards Hochzirl. Shortly after the third sharp bend, the route turns right onto a curvy track that leads steadily uphill through the Fließerwald forest. The trail comes to an end in Oberbach. From there, you can continue on foot up to the Solsteinhaus (a mountain hut with accommodation) and Solstein peak.

Gais Valley - Seebenalm (551)

11.6 KM 11.6 KM
454 M 454 M
medium medium
Start at Salzbach car park in Leutasch/Gaistal (fees apply) - route no. 551. Follow the route up a moderately steep forest path, through the Gais Valley with impressive views of the rocky peaks of the Wetterstein mountains and the Mieming Range, past the Igelsee lake (seasonal) and on to the Seebenalm mountain hut (1,566 m). Several mountain huts are located along the way if you want to stop for a break or a bite to eat. Bike & hike: it is possible to hike to the beautiful Lake Seeben (1,676 m), a bright turquoise mountain lake south of Ehrwald in the Mieming Range. Walking time from the Seebenalm mountain hut: about 25 minutes.

Gais Valley tour - Mieming Range circuit

69.1 KM 69.1 KM
2103 M 2.103 M
hard hard
Enjoy grandiose scenery and sporting challenges on this well-known bike tour through the Gais Valley by the Mieming Range. Mieming - Gschwent - Arzkasten - Weisland - Marienbergalm mountain hut - Biberwier - Ehrwald - Ehrwalder Alm mountain hut - Gaistal - Leutasch - Buchener Höhe - Telfs/Sagl - St. Georgen - Emat - Gerhardhof campsite - Wildermieming - Mieming The tour can be completed in both directions. Our tip: The section between the bottom lift station of the Ehrwalder Almbahn and the Ehrwalder Alm mountain hut (400 vertical metres) can be avoided by taking the cable car. The cost of transporting your bike is included in the price of the lift pass. Please note the opening times for the Ehrwalder Almbahn.

Rauschbrunnen alpine guesthouse

3.7 KM 3.7 KM
510 M 510 M
medium medium
An enjoyable ride to Gasthof Rauschbrunnen with wonderful city views. The route starts at the Planötzenhof restaurant on the forest road. After approximately 1 km, it reaches the Höttinger Bild chapel and then continues uphill from there, branching off to the left onto the Bärfallweg trail and then continuing to climb at a moderate incline until shortly before the Rauschbrunnen alpine guesthouse (1,092 m). The Rauschbrunnen mountain hut and alpine guesthouse is located in a stunning spot with views of the Wipp Valley and is a lovely place to relax and enjoy a break. The route itself consists of a steady uphill climb with short, level sections. Connecting routes: after 2.75 km, it is possible to turn right onto a connecting trail (approx. 2.5 km) towards the Höttinger Alm and Arzler Alm mountain huts.

Gerhardhof, Wildermieming

4.2 KM 4.2 KM
71 M 71 M
easy easy
An easy and enjoyable cycling tour for the whole family to the Gerhardhof, a lovely campsite set in an idyllic forest clearing. From Wildermieming, the route leads along paved roads to the Annakapelle chapel. From there, you take a left onto the gravel road towards the Gerhardhof. The route back follows the Angertalweg, a themed trail featuring several impressive display boards that show the connections between environmental factors and adaptations in the forest.

Götzner Almweg (516)

3.721 KM 3.721 KM
590 M 590 M
hard hard
This route starts at the Johanneskapelle chapel and follows the Götzner Almweg via the Götzner Berghöfe to the Götzner Alm mountain hut. A challenging MTB route.

Grünberg (628)

11 KM 11 KM
627 M 627 M
medium medium
A short but challenging mountain bike tour that leads from Obsteig up Grünberg mountain via a lookout tower with wonderful views of the surrounding peaks and the Inn Valley below. From Grünberg car park, ride about 200 m and then turn left onto the forest road towards Simmering, continuing straight on until you reach Zwischensimmering. At the fork in the road, turn left and continue uphill to the Grünberg lookout tower and the "Sauwetterhütte" mountain hut (not open to the public). Follow the same route back down. Warning: please be aware of hikers and pedestrians.  

Heiligwasser (5064)

2.7 KM 2.7 KM
337 M 337 M
medium medium
This route starts on Bilgeristraße road, at the former bottom lift station for the Patscherkofelbahn cable car, and leads uphill along the Heiligwasserweg trail to the new bottom lift station of the Patscherkofelbahn gondola. Start by taking the gravel path to the right of the car park and follow it uphill until you come to the paved road. From there, continue on to Heiligwasser. From Heiligwasser, you can either follow the same route back or turn off at the Teehütte hut to follow MTB route no. 500 along the old bobsleigh track to the new Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track facility and down to the finish area. From there, continue east along Römerstraße road to Badhausstraße road and back to the former Patscherkofelbahn lift station on Bilgeristraße road.  
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