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This is mountain biking in Innsbruck. First, you pedal hard uphill. The summery stop on two wheels then takes place in one of the numerous mountain huts, which are usually located on the route or are the intended tour destination. Enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains, before you swing back into the saddle.

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Höttinger Alm - MTB route (505)

8.3 KM 8.3 KM
620 M 620 M
medium medium
The "fried cheese dumpling" route - a local favourite. A route with ever-changing climbs and short level passages, mostly shaded in the lower section. After 1.5 km, the trail turns off towards the Arzler Schießstand (Arzl shooting range) and shortly before the Arzler Alm mountain hut, it joins the route towards the Rumer Alm mountain hut. 1.5 km after the Arzler Alm, there is a turn-off towards Höttinger Bild and Achselwaldweg. 1 km before the Höttinger Alm mountain hut, the route joins the track to the Bodenstein Alm mountain hut. The final stage climbs through open alpine pastures and offers fantastic views of the Stubai and Zillertal Alps. Great food is available from the Höttinger Alm mountain hut at the end of the route. The hut has spectacular views of Innsbruck and is a popular meeting place for local bikers at almost any time of the day and year.

Inzinger Alm mountain hut - MTB route (5010)

9.1 KM 9.1 KM
1022 M 1.022 M
hard hard
This challenging route from Inzing covers 1,000 vertical metres and features wonderful views of the Inn Valley - perfect for athletes. From the swimming pool car park (Murkapelle) in Inzing, head west until immediately after the bridge and then turn right to continue in a southerly direction. Follow the paved road up to the hamlet of Hof and then turn left at the chapel to head south again. Take the "Hoarligweg" forest road and follow it for approximately 9 km until you reach the idyllically-located Inzinger Alm mountain hut. Bike & hike: from the Inzinger Alm mountain hut, it is possible to take on the challenge of Rosskogel mountain (2,647 m), increasing the number of vertical metres to just over 2000!

Inzinger Alm from hamlet „Hof“ (5010)

7 KM 7 KM
798 M 798 M
hard hard
Start at the car park in the hamlet of "Hof" near Inzing - follow the paved road - at the first bend, join the forest road - follow the forest road up around hairpin bends to the Inzinger Alm mountain hut. Bike & hike for ambitious athletes: from the Inzinger Alm mountain hut, you can hike to the turquoise Hundstalsee mountain lake with its "Apollontempel" (Temple of Apollo) set at an altitude of 2,287 metres above sea level. Walking time approx. 2 hours.  

Kemater Alm - MTB route (555)

6 KM 6 KM
700 M 700 M
medium medium
Through the Senders Valley with views of the picturesque Kalkkögel range. This tour begins in Grinzens and follows the road that leads along the stream through the Senders Valley. Just before reaching the mountain hut, the valley opens up and presents wonderful views of the Kalkkögel mountains and the Kemater Alm mountain hut. The hut is a lovely place to take a break and enjoy a bite to eat with beautiful views of the Kalkkögel. It is also possible to stay at the hut overnight. Bike & hike: the Kemater Alm mountain hut can only be reached by bike through the Senders Valley (Senderstal). From the hut, there are plenty of opportunities for walking and climbing towards the Kalkkögel and Salfeins.  

Kohlerkapelle - Flaurlinger Alm (5055)

8.8 KM 8.8 KM
978 M 978 M
hard hard
From the starting point, follow the main road for a short distance and then turn right towards "Hornbachkapelle" chapel. The forest road makes long, sweeping turns as it climbs up through the forest at a moderate incline to the "Kohlerkapelle" chapel. The route then crosses a bridge and runs alongside the stream for a short time before starting the steep ascent to the Flaurlinger Alm mountain hut. The path is very windy as it leads up through forests and alpine pastures up to the hut.     Bike & hike for ambitious athletes: From the Flaurlinger Alm, a trail leads through the See Valley to the scenic Taxer See mountain lake (2,282 m). Walking time approx. 2.5 hours.

Kreither Almweg (511)

3.7 KM 3.7 KM
522 M 522 M
medium medium
A quiet and varied mountain bike tour to the Kreither Alm mountain hut. This tour follows a well-maintained and varied forest road to the Kreither Alm mountain hut with the option to visit the Stockerhof alpine guesthouse along the way. The route has good connections to the north with a trail leading off towards the Raitiser Alm hut (not open to the public) and further to the Mutterer Alm mountain hut. From there, it is possible to ride down a single track.

Lanser Alm mountain hut - MTB route (5004)

7.4 KM 7.4 KM
878 M 878 M
medium medium
A quiet, intermediate mountain bike tour to the Lanser Alm mountain hut. Route: Start at Lans car park (opposite Gasthof Walzl). First follow Kochholzweg road towards the Lanserhof health centre and then continue along Feldweg towards the Lans Kneipp facility. From there, cross Römerstrasse road and follow the Lanser Alm Weg as it zigzags constantly uphill to the Lanser Alm mountain hut.

The Obsteig larch meadow route

11.1 KM 11.1 KM
226 M 226 M
medium medium
The perfect panoramic route through picturesque alpine meadows and larch forests. This route starts in Obsteig and leads along alpine meadows and larch forests to Arzkasten, Weisland and Holzleiten. At the underpass, you'll come to the start of a forest trail towards Grünberg car park. This section takes you through the hamlets of Finsterfiecht, Thal and Wald towards the "Klammer Mühle" mill, past the sports ground in Langgarten, under the underpass at the Schmiede guesthouse and back to the starting point. Our tip: this route is particularly beautiful in autumn when the bright larch woods burst into colour.

Lehen – Straßberghaus (549)

3 KM 3 KM
249 M 249 M
medium medium
An easy route that zigzags up from Lehen to the Straßberghaus mountain hut. The shady route leads through mixed forests and has wonderful views of the Inn Valley. For bike & hike fans, there is a one-hour tour from the Straßberghaus to the Neue Alplhütte mountain hut (1,504 m).

Lehnberg (606)

6.3 KM 6.3 KM
541 M 541 M
medium medium
A perfect tour for mountain bike beginners who want to put their skills to the test. The tour leads via Mooswaldsiedlung and along the edge of the forest up to Arzkasten. From there, you follow a wide forest road up to the Lehnberghaus mountain hut and restaurant. Our bike & hike tip: from the Lehnberghaus, you can reach the "Lacke" viewing platform in just 30 minutes and enjoy wonderful views over the Mieming Plateau.  
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