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This is mountain biking in Innsbruck. First, you pedal hard uphill. The summery stop on two wheels then takes place in one of the numerous mountain huts, which are usually located on the route or are the intended tour destination. Enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains, before you swing back into the saddle.

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Lehnberghaus - MTB route (606)

3.5 KM 3.5 KM
394 M 394 M
medium medium
Start at Arzkasten car park - take route no. 606 - ride past the guesthouse, immediately after the fountain turn right and then follow the forest road as it zigzags up to the Lehnberghaus mountain hut. • Our bike & hike tip: Lacke viewing platform (1,703 m) - walking time approx. 30 minutes  

Marienbergalm - MTB route (605)

5.8 KM 5.8 KM
529 M 529 M
medium medium
Start at Arzkasten car park - route no. 605 - Weisland - along the stream valley towards Aschland - turn right and follow the forest road to the Marienbergalm mountain hut (1,622 m). Ambitious riders can continue on to the Marienbergjoch ridge (1,789 m) and enjoy beautiful views of the Bieberweir basin. Please note: the route is very rough and gravelly in places.  

Marienbergjoch (605)

9.7 KM 9.7 KM
820 M 820 M
medium medium
A MTB tour through varied landscapes for experienced bikers. This tour takes you past Mooswaldsiedlung, along the edge of the forest to Arzkasten and then through a romantic stream valley towards Aschland. Before you reach Ashland, turn right and continue along the forestry road up to the Marienbergalm mountain hut (1,622 m) with its beautiful vistas. From there, the route leads through glorious alpine landscapes to the Marienbergjoch ridge. After some quick refreshment, simply return the same way back to your starting point or continue to the bottom lift station of the Marienberglift and then head back towards Obsteig via the Fernsteinsee lakes, the Fern Pass and Nassereith (level: difficult).

Meissner Haus - MTB route (503)

7.4 KM 7.4 KM
696 M 696 M
medium medium
A scenic tour for anyone who loves quiet tributary valleys. This tour to the Meissner Haus alpine guesthouse starts in the village of Ellbögen and leads south of Patscherkofel, Innsbruck's local mountain, to the quiet and picturesque Viggar Valley. From the Zirbenhof on Oberstraße road in Ellbögen, the route climbs quickly around two hairpin bends and then levels out a little to continue gently uphill through the forest on the northern slopes of the Mühltal mountain in the Viggar Valley to the beautifully-located Meissner Haus alpine guesthouse. Bike & hike: after taking a break and replenishing your energy levels at the Meissner Haus, you can continue on foot up the mountains Patscherkofel, Glungezer (the Glungezerhütte mountain hut at the top serves food and has accommodation), Morgenkogel or Kreuzspitze.

Locherboden mountain bike route

10.2 KM 10.2 KM
222 M 222 M
medium medium
This simple mountain bike tour to the pilgrimage church of Maria Locherboden leads between the villages and residential areas in Mieming and primarily stays on tarmaced roads. When you reach the district of Zein, follow the signposts to the pilgrimage church (Wallfahrtskirche Maria Locherboden) where you’ll get picturesque views of the Mieming Range. Visible from far and wide, the striking and distinctive Maria Locherboden pilgrimage church stands on the Saßberg ridge in front of the Mieming Range.

Mountain bike route to Burg Klamm castle

12 KM 12 KM
279 M 279 M
easy easy
A road leads from Mötz via Burg Klamm castle, Nassereith and the Fern Pass into Germany. In the area surrounding the castle, the old road that led from Telfs up to the Mieming Plateau merges with this important arterial road. The castle is now privately owned and can only be viewed from the outside. 

The Neue Magdeburger Hütte - MTB route (543)

8.2 KM 8.2 KM
1200 M 1.200 M
hard hard
A challenging tour from Zirl to the Neue Magdeburger mountain hut with wonderful views of the Inn Valley and the Stubai Alps. The first part of the ascent begins at the Red Cross (Rotes Kreuz) in Zirl and leads along a sunny route above the quarry, which is often hot at noon. The route continues via the Zirler Mähder wayside cross and into the Brunn Valley. Shortly after the turn-off to mountain bike route 542, you come to the Jausentation Brunntal mountain hut. From there, eight sharp bends lead on towards the Neue Magdeburger mountain hut, where you can enjoy fantastic views of the Tux and Stubai Alps! Bikers who are in good shape can continue on from there on foot. It is possible to climb the Solstein or the Kirchbergköpfl with views of the Inn Valley, the Karwendel mountains and the Stubai Alps. For the ride back down, it is possible to turn off shortly after Jausenstation Brunntal onto mountain bike route 542 and the Fließerwaldweg trail, which have plentiful curves and lead down to the centre of Zirl.

Mutterer Almweg (510)

8.5 KM 8.5 KM
678 M 678 M
medium medium
A scenic and well-maintained forestry road that leads up through alpine meadows and forests to the Muttereralm. The route starts at the car park at the bottom of the Muttereralm gondola and follows a signposted forest road steadily uphill to the Muttereralm. At the top, you will find the Mutterer Alm mountain restaurant and an adventure playground. A few metres higher up the mountain, there is a reservoir with spectacular views. The Bike Centre at the bottom lift station has rental bikes, there is a practice area at the mountain lift station and the trails at BikePark Innsbruck include a single track for beginners and advanced riders.

The Nordkette mountain hut tour

20 KM 20 KM
870 M 870 M
medium medium
The Innsbruck MTB mountain hut tour at the foot of the Nordkette - with wonderful views over Tyrol's capital city and the nearby village of Rum. It is possible to start the route on the forestry road in Mühlau forest and ride from there to Hungerburg or to take the Hungerburg funicular or the J bus up to Hungerburg and start the ride from there. From Hungerburg, take the Umbrüggler Almweg trail to the Umbrüggler Alm mountain hut and then follow the signs along the relatively flat forestry road to the Arzler Alm mountain hut. From there, the route continues along the forest road (slight climb) towards the Rumer Alm mountain hut. At the second crossing, go through the barrier and continue on foot (pushing your bike) until you reach the forestry road again. From there, it's just 10 minutes of hard uphill riding to the Rumer Alm. Finally, take the forest road down to the Rechenhof guesthouse and then follow the road back to Innsbruck.

Oberhofer Melkalm mountain hut - MTB route (5054)

9.2 KM 9.2 KM
1042 M 1.042 M
medium medium
From the starting point, follow the main road for a short distance and then turn right towards "Hornbachkapelle" chapel. The forest road makes long, sweeping turns as it climbs up through the shady forest at a moderate incline to the Oberhofer Melkalm mountain hut.
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