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Up the mountains by bike: What used to be reserved for mountain bikers with legs of steel is now within reach for everyone. E-mountain bikes make it feasible to access numerous destinations that previously required a very high level of fitness. This means you can enjoy a ride to the most beautiful mountain huts and picture-perfect views. The ride is still not completely effortless. But it is only moderately strenuous compared to riding uphill using pure muscle power. The battery support opens up brand new biking territory: the mountains around Innsbruck where you will find delicious alpine delicacies and alpine views: lush green alpine meadows, dark green forests, chirping birds and the freshest air in the region.

E-MTB tour to the Oberhofer Melkalm – Innsbruck Region
E-MTB tour to the Oberhofer Melkalm
Walking time uphill
Driving time uphill
Altitude down
1048 METER
Altitude up
1048 METER
Max. route length
18 KM
Starting point
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One of the panoramic eMTB tours in the Upper Inn Valley!

The Oberhofer Melkalm mountain hut offers incredible panoramic views, the like of which are seldom found at other huts. You can admire the alpine landscapes reaching all the way from the Wetterstein mountains, the Zugspitze and the Karwendel mountains to the Stubai Alps.

The route starts in the centre of Oberhofen and leads to the Hornbachkapelle chapel. From there, it weaves its way uphill around long bends, climbing at a moderate pace along a shady forest road through mixed woodland to the Melkalm mountain hut, where you can enjoy a well-deserved break. Your efforts are rewarded with 180° panoramic views of the summits Wonnig, Hochplattnig, Zugspitze, Hohe Munde, Leutascher Dreitorspitze, Arnspitze, Westliche Karwendelspitze and Grosser Lafatscher. Follow the same route back.


The Oberhofer Melkalm is an idyllic, rustic hut with excellent food. Stunning views of the Karwendel mountains, the Upper Inn Valley and all the way over to the Stubai Alps.

Arrival, public transport

Parking is available in the centre of Oberhofen or at the Telfs-Pfaffenhofen train station.

In the surrounding area

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Elevation profile


A cold front is extending to our region from France. It will not arrive here before the evening, however in the hours before the arrival, the first thunderstorms may form, as is often the case with cold fronts. Dry weather can only be expected for the morning.


Saturday will probably be quite changeable. On Sunday and on Monday thunderstorms will die away to leave brighter spells.



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