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Mountain bike tours for e-bikes

Up the mountains by bike: What used to be reserved for mountain bikers with legs of steel is now within reach for everyone. E-mountain bikes make it feasible to access numerous destinations that previously required a very high level of fitness. This means you can enjoy a ride to the most beautiful mountain huts and picture-perfect views. The ride is still not completely effortless. But it is only moderately strenuous compared to riding uphill using pure muscle power. The battery support opens up brand new biking territory: the mountains around Innsbruck where you will find delicious alpine delicacies and alpine views: lush green alpine meadows, dark green forests, chirping birds and the freshest air in the region.

E-MTB tour to the Strassberghaus and Alplhaus – Innsbruck Region
E-MTB tour to the Strassberghaus and Alplhaus
Walking time uphill
3H 41MIN
Driving time uphill
3H 41MIN
Altitude down
Altitude up
Max. route length
25.7 KM
Starting point
Bahnhof Telfs-Pfaffenhofen
Bahnhof Telfs-Pfaffenhofen
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A very scenic but demanding circular ride with steep climbs up to the Alplhütte mountain hut.

The route starts at Telfs-Pfaffenhofen train station and zigzags uphill to the Straßberghaus mountain hut, which is located at an altitude of 1,191 metres above sea level. The ride takes you through shady mixed woodland.

Along the way, you will frequently be treated to wonderful views of the Inn Valley.

From the Straßberghaus, the route gets steeper and steeper, reaching inclines of up to 25% as it climbs up to the Neue Alplhütte at 1,504 metres above sea level. The Neue Alplhütte is a beautifully located mountain hut surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Mieming Range. It also has a lovely terrace with a large children's playground.

The Neue Alplhütte is a great starting point for mountain tours on the Hochwand, Karkopf or Hohe Munde mountains.

Experienced bikers with good technical skills can ride the short trail that loops back from the Alplhaus to the Straßberghaus. The more leisurely option is to follow the same route back.

If you will be relying heavily on the battery, we recommend taking a second battery with you.

Our bike & hike tip: You can hike from the Straßberghaus up to the Niederer Mundl col. This hike covers an altitude of 900 vertical metres and takes approx. 2.5 hours. Warning: Be sure to take plenty of water with you. The south-facing slopes get very hot in summer.

Arrival, public transport

Parking is available at Telfs-Pfaffenhofen train station.

In the surrounding area

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