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Up the mountains by bike: What used to be reserved for mountain bikers with legs of steel is now within reach for everyone. E-mountain bikes make it feasible to access numerous destinations that previously required a very high level of fitness. This means you can enjoy a ride to the most beautiful mountain huts and picture-perfect views. The ride is still not completely effortless. But it is only moderately strenuous compared to riding uphill using pure muscle power. The battery support opens up brand new biking territory: the mountains around Innsbruck where you will find delicious alpine delicacies and alpine views: lush green alpine meadows, dark green forests, chirping birds and the freshest air in the region.

E-MTB tour to Umbrüggler Alm, Arzler Alm and Rumer Alm – Innsbruck Region
E-MTB tour to Umbrüggler Alm, Arzler Alm and Rumer Alm
Walking time uphill
5H 11MIN
Driving time uphill
5H 11MIN
Altitude down
Altitude up
Max. route length
20 KM
Starting point
Innsbruck, Ottoburg
Innsbruck, Ottoburg
GPX DownloadRoute to start

A scenic hut-to-hut eMTB tour halfway up Innsbruck's Nordkette mountain range with wonderful views over Tyrol's capital city and the neighbouring village of Rum.

The ride starts at the Ottoburg restaurant and leads up to the Mühlau district and then along very good forest roads up through the Mühlauer forest to the Hungerburg district. The Umbrüggler Almweg trail leads off from there and heads a little more steeply up to the Umbrüggler Alm, where you can take a break. From there, you can cruise leisurely along the forest road to the Arzler Alm mountain hut, where it is well worth taking another little break. After all, why not?

After replenishing your energy levels, the ride heads uphill along the forest road to the Rumer Alm mountain hut. Now you have definitely earnt a cool drink and tasty alpine snack.

Finally, follow the forest road down to the Rechenhof guesthouse and then the road back to Innsbruck.

At the Rumer Alm mountain hut, it is possible to charge your e-bike battery using your own charging device.


Fantastic route for varied views of Innsbruck.

Arrival, public transport

Parking spaces and underground car parks are available in Innsbruck or you can ride straight up from Innsbruck by eMTB.

In the surrounding area

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Unfortunately, the next cold front is not long in coming. Before arriving here, there will still be clear and sunny spells. In the afternoon, however, cloud will increase and produce thunderstorms.


During the next few days, our weather will remain changeable and cold. Temporary sunny spells will alternate with periods of thick cloud and a few thunderstorms.



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