>  Qigong + intuitive skiing

Qigong + intuitive skiing

Sat, 14.03.2020 08:30
Igls, Patscherkofel

A special experience on the Patscherkofel-Be in flow
Qigong strengthens your vitality, harmonises, relaxes and keeps body, mind and soul healthy. Mindfully performed, flowing movements solve tensions and your concentration will be deepened in combination with your breathing. Energy is built up and can flow freely.
Main focus is to get centred, grounded, coordinated, to strengthen your inner centre, deepen your body sensation and synchronise your hemispheres.
To practice Qigong in the morning and above 1900 m is something special. Because of the height the effect is even intensified.
The Qigong lesson is for all interested people. You can join in on single occasions without participating in intuitive skiing.
Intuitive skiing/snowboarding – be in flow
Mindfully rested in yourself you will be connected with nature and earth during skiing. This brings up a completely new riding experience. Harmonically synchronised movements develop through an optimal focus of power as well as through a relaxed and deepend breathing. Energy will be built up. A new flow strengthens the enjoyment of unintentional skiing in harmony with yourself .
The Qigong lesson will take part in a welcoming wooden conference room in the summit station with a wonderful broad view of the surrounding summits and the city of Innsbruck we will hike together on the slope after a refreshment „Jause“ for about 2 hours.
An autonomous, secure skiing on moderate slopes is demanded!

Duration: 8.30 am – 1.00 pm (Qigong: 9.00 – 10.15 pm)
Meeting point: 8.30 am at the valley station of Patscherkofelbahn
Rate: Qigong: € 15,00 / person; Intuitive skiing: € 18,00 / person
The Patscherkofelbahn offers every participant a subsidised Qigong tarif.
You can get the tickets at the point of sale of the Patscherkofelbahn.

Return ticket: € 17,40 / Adult; € 15,90 / Senior
½ day pass until 1.00 pm: € 22,90 / Adult; € 20,70 / Senior
Day pass; € 27,30 / Adult; € 25,10 / Senior
The Freizeitticket Tirol ist valid.
Parking tickets will be refunded.

Frau Anna-Maria Missethon
dipl. Qigong- & Taijiquan- Lehrerin, ELE-Coach
Tel.: +43 676 / 9572850
A booking is demanded until friday 8.00 p.m!

Event address

Booking address:

Date: Sat, 14.03.2020
Start time: 08.30 am
Duration: 5 Hours

event dates:

Date: Sat, 14.03.2020
Start time: 08.30 am
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