A custom from the Middle Age

Where: Axams, Igls, Patsch, Natters, Mutters, Götzens, Birgitz, St. Sigmund, Kematen and Oberperfuss

 When: from Maundy Thursday sometimes until Divine Mercy Sunday, the first Sunday after Easter.

The Tyrolean penchant for theatrics is also expressed though the tradition of setting up "Easter graves". These scenes depict the tomb where Jesus was laid after his descent from the cross and they usually have a sombre feel. Easter graves also often features lots of lights burning behind glass balls filled with different coloured water.

Emperor Joseph II found the tradition of setting up Easter graves in churches to be a thorn in his side so he had them forbidden. The custom of building Holy Sepulchres in Catholic churches on Good Friday and Holy Saturday dates back to the early Middle Ages, however, so it did not take long after the Emperor's death before the tradition was revived. And this custom still lives on today. 

Holy Graves have recently become very popular again. Tomb structures that have gone unused for many years are being taken out of storage, restored and re-erected. 

Easter grave

Sylvester-Jordan-Str. 1 , 6094 Axams

+43 5234 / 68 128



The Easter grave in the Chapel of St Michael directly at the parish church Axams. Viewing: from Good Friday to…

02 pm - 06 pm


Kirchgasse 2 , 6092 Birgitz

+43 5234 / 32 608

Eastergrave. Open for visitation from Maundy Thursday to Holy Saturday. The grave is about 200 years old. …


Wallfahrtskirche , 6091 Götzens

Every year at Easter you can visit the easter grave with its glowing grave orb in the church of Götzens. The easter…

From Maunday Thursday to Easter Sunday to 6 pm.

Easter grave in Mutters

Kirchplatz , 6162 Mutters

+43 512 / 54 84 43


The religious custom of constructing a holy grave in Catholic churches dates back to the Early Middle Ages. The…

between Holy Saturday and Easter Monday.

Easter grave Natters

Kirchplatz , 6161 Natters

+43 512 / 54 66 40


The Easter grave in Natters can be visited between Good Friday and the Wednesday after Easter. It is located next…

between Good Friday and the Wednesday after Easter.

Easter grave in Telfs

Kirchstraße 25 , 6410 Telfs

The five-metre-high grave in Telfs dates back to the mid-18th century and was painted by the baroque painter…

The Holy Sepulcher can be viewed in the Parish Church of St Peter & Paul in Telfs from Maundy Thursday to Ascension Day.

Easter grave in Flaurling

Kirchplatz 1 , 6403 Flaurling

The Easter grave in Flaurling was painted by Johann Baptist Daum in 1829 and fills the entire chancel during…

The Holy Sepulcher can be visited in the Parish Church of St Margaret in Flaurling from Wednesday during Holy Week until the first Friday after Easter.

Easter grave in Inzing

Kirchgasse 7 , 6401 Inzing

The Easter grave originally filled the entire presbytery. The Mariahilf (Mary of Succor) painting, created in…

The Easter grave can be viewed from Wednesday during Holy Week until the first Tuesday after Easter.

Easter grave in Patsch

Dorfstraße 14 , 6082 Patsch

+43 512 / 37 81 23



Easter Exhibition - on display as of Tuesday after Palm Sunday The History of the Easter Sepulcher The Holy…

Easter grave Oberperfuss

Riedl 35 , 6173 Oberperfuss

+43 5232 / 81 459


Every year on Maundy Thursday, the Easter Tomb is set up in the parish church of Oberperfuss. The upper left side…

From Maundy Thursday to Easter Monday.
8.00 am - 8. pm

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