Nordkette Wetterleuchten Festival

In July it's time again for Tyrolean festival fans to make the mountain world unsafe high above the roofs of Innsbruck. The occasion is the "Nordkette Wetterleuchten Festival" - the highest festival in Europe, which will take place on Innsbruck's Nordkette as in previous years. The aim of this unique festival at 2000 metres is a successful mix of music, nature and campfire romance. Camping is encouraged! The cable car runs until 3:00 in the morning.
The Wetterleuchten Festival will take place for the 20th time in 2023. Music is something very special in the mountains and the city seems pleasantly distant on this weekend.

The fairy tale of the Wetterleuchten

Once upon a time, not so long ago, someone had an idea: to listen to concerts and DJs with friends in a fantastic mountain world, to camp, to party, to make campfires, to have fun, to chill, to enjoy a dreamlike view and much more. This someone liked all these things very much and wanted to reconcile them. He thought about a solution for a long time.
The result was the world's only festival at 2000 metres above sea level. Young and young-at-heart people who enjoy electronic music, like nature and want to enjoy a fantastic place meet there.
He then invited all his friends and celebrated with them again every year, and if they haven't died, they are still celebrating on the Seegrube near Innsbruck in summer!

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