Appartement Isabella

WiFi parking Child-friendly
Health and safety measures


This property includes two apartments: one large apartment with two bedrooms for up to 4 people and a smaller apartment with one bedroom for up to 3 people. Guests are welcome to use the in-house sauna for an additional charge. Breakfast can also be provided for a surcharge.

Health and safety measures regarding Covid-19:

The accommodation provider is responsible for the Covid-19 safety measures detailed here. The measures shown here were specified by the accommodation provider, Innsbruck Tourismus (the Innsbruck Tourist Board) does not accept any responsibility for their accuracy.

Hygiene and disinfection (9)

  • Bedlinen, towels and laundry are washed according to rules of local authorities
  • Laundry is washed at highest temperature that is allowed by producer
  • Regular ventilation of commonly accessible areas
  • Rooms are cleaned most thoroughly after every guest departure, in particular often touched items
  • Room cleaning includes ventilation, change of cleaning tissues and disinfection of gloves after every room
  • Accommodation is disinfected between every guest stay
  • Disinfection of often touched items and surfaces
  • Usage of cleansers that are effective against Corona Virus
  • Disinfectant for hands (in all rooms)

Contact tracing (2)

  • Usage of health- or tracking apps is recommended
  • Registering of guest contact data at the checkIn that may be relevant in case of infection - when guest agrees

Distance rules (3)

  • Contactless checkIn/checkOut
  • Distance rules are kept
  • Separation or physical barriere between staff and guests in corresponding areas

Staff (1)

  • Employees wear surgical masks

Security measures (2)

  • Procedure for health checks of guests available
  • Surgical mask for guests available



Suitability (2)

  • families
  • seniors

Meals (1)

  • breakfast bookable

Foreign languages (2)

  • English
  • German

Staff (1)

  • Employees wear surgical masks

Facilities / Services (3)

  • car parking lot
  • WiFi
  • balcony

Location (2)

  • quiet location
  • central location

Children (1)

  • child-friendly
Weather for morning
Fineweather: 80%
Weather for afternoon
Fineweather: 60%
Weather for Friday
Fineweather: 70%
Weather for Saturday
Fineweather: 10%
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