Appartement Salzmann

WiFi parking
Health and safety measures


This bright and friendly apartment (non-smoking) has one bedroom and a comfortable living/sleeping area. It is suitable for two to four people and offers great panoramic views of the village centre and the surrounding holiday villages. The village centre is located nearby and is home to various shops, restaurants and the Axams leisure centre. Bus stops where you can catch free buses to the Olympic ski resort of Axamer Lizum, to other nearby ski & hiking destinations and to the city of Innsbruck are within easy walking distance.

Health and safety measures regarding Covid-19:

The accommodation provider is responsible for the Covid-19 safety measures detailed here. The measures shown here were specified by the accommodation provider, Innsbruck Tourismus (the Innsbruck Tourist Board) does not accept any responsibility for their accuracy.

Hygiene and disinfection (5)

  • Accommodation is disinfected between every guest stay
  • Disinfection of often touched items and surfaces
  • Rooms are cleaned most thoroughly after every guest departure, in particular often touched items
  • Disinfectant for hands (in all rooms)
  • Laundry is washed at highest temperature that is allowed by producer

Distance rules (2)

  • Distance rules are kept
  • Contactless checkIn/checkOut

Security measures (2)

  • Surgical mask for guests available
  • Disinfectant for hands in accommodation and common rooms

Contact tracing (1)

  • Registering of guest contact data at the checkIn that may be relevant in case of infection - when guest agrees

Additional information:

A free parking lot is available for you at the entrance. Free WiFi in the house. Free Admission to the Leisure centre of Axams during your stay.



Location (4)

  • meadowlands
  • right at the ski-bus/ hiking-bus/ bus stop
  • central location
  • hillside location

Facilities / Services (7)

  • WiFi
  • car parking lot
  • family friendly
  • room/apt. with view
  • single-family house
  • pets not allowed
  • satellite TV

Suitability (1)

  • non-smokers

Sports / Leisure time (1)

  • free admission to indoor/outdoor pool
Weather for morning
Fineweather: 20%
Weather for afternoon
Fineweather: 20%
Weather for Saturday
Fineweather: 40%
Weather for Sunday
Fineweather: 20%
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