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High „Dorit“ continues to dominate Central European weather, and the maps show no male low that could dispute its supremacy!

Monday will therefore bring us fantastic winter weather! The day will start with hard frost, but then the February sun will prove its mettle and ensure temperatures rise to pleasant highs in the afternoon.



The weather forecast for the next few days is fairly promising: It will vary between bright and cloudy, temperatures will drop a bit.

Panorama Webcams in Innsbruck and its regions

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Innsbruck’s traditional side: farmers’ markets

Farmers’ market in Wilten

Local food gives you a special insight into a country’s lifestyle, culture and cuisine. The weekly markets in Innsbruck are perfect for this. An especially charming example is the farmers’ market on Wiltener Platzl. The market takes place every Saturday morning and offers alpine rose honey, mountain cheese, smoked fish and traditional Tyrolean snacks. The colourful market is surrounded by buildings in the Gründerzeit style. Wiltener Platzl is a central square that is hidden away yet still within walking distance of the city centre – a nice place to visit as part of a city walk.

Fridays on Sparkassenplatz square

The famers’ market on Sparkassenplatz is even more central than the market on Wiltener Platzl. A passageway from Maria Theresien Street leads directly to the square where farmers sell typical seasonal products every Friday. The market also features culinary highlights that aren’t always so easy to find. Try a Kiachl (freshly baked farmers’ donut) with Sauerkraut, for example. Strange combination? It may sound that way but anyone who tries one instantly becomes a fan.

Farmers’ markets are also held in front of the Sillpark and DEZ shopping centres. Local specialties also await at the farmers’ market in the St. Nikolaus district, located behind the colourful houses along the River Inn.

Shopping at the market hall

Innsbruck’s market hall is located in the heart of the city, right next to the Inn Bridge. Here farmers offer home-grown fruits and vegetables, as well as cheeses, meats and sausages. Beekeepers collect the natural essence of flowering meadows in golden honey jars and jam jars filled with sweet fruits from cottage gardens adorn the market stalls. Enjoy a farmhouse breakfast at Schmankerl & Co., stroll around stalls filled with beautiful flowers and browse the healing alpine herbs offered by “Almkräuterer”. Small specialty shops sell delicious organic delights and Flavour Box is a great tip for tea drinkers and amateur chefs: the scent of 260 different kinds of tea and 140 herbs fills the air – perfect for cold winter evenings and refining all kinds of dishes.

Hungry? At Achleitners Nudelmanufaktur in the market hall you’re spoilt for choice. The stall offers succulent spinach dumplings, savoury cheese dumplings, sweet apricot dumplings or Tyrolean ravioli. The latter are pasta pockets stuffed with flavourful Graukäse (Tyrolean grey cheese) – a genuine Tyrolean specialty and a real treat.

Sustainable shopping at Liebe & Lose

Liebe & Lose offers delicious delights without all of the unnecessary packaging. This is the future. Or at least this is what anyone who is environmentally conscious or frustrated with overflowing rubbish bins hopes the future will look like. Shelves are stocked with appetising, natural and fresh delights. Unpackaged. The soaps and washing detergents are also sold without plastic packaging and fill the shop with wonderful fragrances. Customers simply take containers with them to hold their purchased goods and fill them up with as much or as little as they need.

Souvenirs from local flea markets

Browse through fascinating antiques, curiosities and heirlooms every Saturday at the Hafen in Innsbruck. Sunday is also a great day for bargain hunters and collectors: special gifts and souvenirs can be found in Neu-Rum on the eastern edge of Innsbruck.

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