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Geocaching connects nature with hiking fun. It is ideal for families and those who don't like walking because it includes solving puzzles, completing tasks and searching for hidden treasure. The list below shows which 'treasures' are hidden in Innsbruck and the surrounding area. 


Period: spring – autumn


Multi-Cache - Reizendes Silz – Innsbruck Region
Multi-Cache - Reizendes Silz

This multicache in and around Silz shows you the varied landscape of the holiday destination in the Mieminger Plateau & Inntal area. The tour leads you through the centre of the town as well as the surrounding forest. You should plan around three hours for your entire walk to the treasure.


The best thing to do is to leave your caching vehicle in the secondary school car park:

N 47° 15.764

E 010° 55.825



An attractive memorial in the centre of town

N 47° 15.930

E 010° 55.680


You will find a memorial dedicated to Georg Oegg. As the king of which profession is he described here? Count the letters on the panel and write down the number as A.




Your path will take you further through the town and past a particular woodpile in which the owner often creates artistic images and patterns.


N 47° 16.024

E 010° 55.590

Safety first

N 47° 16.081

E 010° 55.503


You will find red and white markings on the southern side of the railway underpass in Silz. Count the red markings and write down that number as B.





Angerkirche (Meadow church)

N 47° 16.070

E 010° 55.309


Parts of the church tower are covered in wooden shingles. This section also differentiates itself architecturally from the lower part of the church tower. How many corners does the church tower have in this upper area? Halve this number and write it down as C.





Innau Sonderschutzgebiet (Special Protected Area)

N 47° 15.962

E 010° 54.839


The next question takes you to the Innau Special Protected Area. This mature lowland forest offers an ideal breeding area for numerous birds and ensures the survival of many types of animals. Therefore, please only walk on the marked paths. You will find a metal sign at the coordinates indicated. Count the green symbols on it and write down the number as D.





A memorial in a very special environment

N 47° 15.688

E 010° 54.860


You will find a large fresco on the eastern wall of the Memorial Chapel. How many people are shown? Write down the number as E.





Bird nature trail

N 47° 15.879

E 010° 54.460


Here you will find a picture of a bird. What type of bird is it?


Sparrow (Sperling): F= 1

Wren (Zaunkönig): F= 9

Blue tit (Blaumeise): F= 5



The Way of St. James

N 47° 15.535

E 010° 54.091


Count the metal fittings on the barn door. Double that number and then add 1. Note the result as G.




N 47° 15.406

E 010° 54.698


The best thing to do is to follow the path until you reach a woodshed. You will find the next clue, slightly concealed, on the western wall. What is the name of the branching path? Write down the number of letters in the name (including the word "Weg") and write down the number as H. Now follow the path past waypoint 2.





St. Petersberg Abbey

N 47° 15.313

E 010° 54.618


You are now standing directly in front of the St. Petersberg Kreuzordenkloster (Abbey of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross). You will find an information panel with all sorts of information about the castle and the abbey. What was the name of the count (Graf) who inherited the castle together with his wife in 1919?


Graf von Görz: I= 9

Herzog von Schwaben: I= 6

Graf Stollberg: I= 2



The treasure's hiding place

The path to the treasure will take you past an incredible viewpoint (N 47°15.388 E 010° 55.346) before finally leading you to the hiding place.


N 47° G+C.(B-F)(B-A)(F-E-I)

E 010° F(E+I).(H-C)BD

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Elevation profile


A cold front is extending to our region from France. It will not arrive here before the evening, however in the hours before the arrival, the first thunderstorms may form, as is often the case with cold fronts. Dry weather can only be expected for the morning.


Saturday will probably be quite changeable. On Sunday and on Monday thunderstorms will die away to leave brighter spells.



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