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Ridgeway hiking in Sellraintal

Jagged, steep and ruggedly romantic; hikers and climbers take to the alpine terrain in Sellraintal. A terrain that demands fitness and sure-footedness, but making the reward even sweeter. Up here, the mountain panorama presents itself as if from a picture book: breathtaking views and numerous peaks of over 3,000 metres. The paths and climbs lead you directly into the heart of the Alps. The ultimate mountain experience in Sellraintal, and we'll show you the most beautiful tours.
Here you'll find information about the Sellraintal Ridgeway Trail, the Knappenweg, Peter-Anich-Höhensteig and the Oberhofer Trail.

The Sellrainer Höhenwanderweg trail

1120 M 1.120 M
15 KM 15 KM
hard hard
The Sellraintaler Höhenweg is a high altitude trail that leads along the two-thousand-metre contour line from the Zirmbachalm mountain hut, which lies between Haggen and Kühtai, to the Rosskogelhütte mountain hut on Rangger Köpfel mountain in Oberperfuss. The trail is well-signposted and starts 300 metres east of the Zirmbachalm, initially leading steeply uphill to the terraced pastures on Sonnberg mountain. From there, it continues at a moderate incline high above the Sellrain Valley, passing through the alpine pastures of the Haggen and Peider Sonnberg, traversing the slopes of the Koflerspitze and Weißstein to just below the Rosskogel and then finally continuing from Kögele to the Rosskogelhütte mountain hut. From there, you can take the gondola down to Oberperfuss for a relaxing trip back into the valley. From the Höhenweg trail, it is possible to make a detour up to the summit of Seejoch, Weißstein or Rosskogel. There are routes back to the valley in various places along the way: via the Sonnbergalm to St. Sigmund, along the Heuriesenweg trail to Gries im Sellrain or via St. Quirin to Sellrain.  

Climb and descent trails

Haggen - start/end of the Sellrainer Höhenwanderweg (the Sellrain Valley high-altitude hiking trail)

313 M 313 M
1.4 KM 1.4 KM
medium medium
Starting from the cattle grid after the hamlet of Haggen (on the side of the hamlet closest to Kühtai), a beautiful trail zigzags up through an area of afforested protection forest to the Höhenwanderweg (high-altitude hiking trail).

The Heuriesenweg trail to the start/end of the Sellrainer Höhenwanderweg trail

812 M 812 M
3 KM 3 KM
medium medium
Walk past the church towards Obermarendebach, turn left just before the bridge and then follow the Heuriesenweg trail uphill until it meets the Sellrainer Höhenwanderweg (the Sellrain Valley high-altitude hiking trail).

St. Quirin to the Sellrainer Höhenwanderweg (the Sellrain Valley high-altitude hiking trail)

747 M 747 M
3.4 KM 3.4 KM
medium medium
It is possible to start or end a hike along the Sellrainer Höhenwanderweg trail in St. Quirin. From St. Quirin, you can reach the Höhenwanderweg via Meils and the Rifflkreuz cross.
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