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Are you a mountaineering fanatic? Or would you like to become one? If so, you're in the right place! We'll show you the most beautiful summit tours in the Innsbruck area. Not all of the peaks are difficult to reach and they don’t all require top mountaineering skills.

You don't have to be a mountaineering great like Reinhold Messner to conquer some of the local peaks. Here we have put together an overview of two easy summit tours.

These tours combine the uplifting feeling of reaching the summit with a comfortable journey there. The magic word is: "Bergbahn". Because where there is a mountain lift or cable car, you only have to complete the last stretch of the route up to the summit cross yourself. Then nothing stands between you and the perfect hiking experience.

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Some summit tours only require a short hike, the rest of the route is covered by a mountain lift or cable car. To see these summit tours, choose "easy" in the filters below.

Are you looking for the ultimate mountaineering experience? Would you like to reach the summit under your own steam? If so, choose "difficult". The results will then show routes for experienced mountaineers with good fitness levels.

Ridge walk in the Fotschertal Valley – Innsbruck Region
Ridge walk in the Fotschertal Valley
Altitude up
1470 METER
Max altitude
2377 METER
Max. route length
19 KM
Walking time uphill
Starting point
Eisbrücke car park, Sellrain (free)
Eisbrücke car park, Sellrain (free)
Best season
Road quality
mountain trail
Tyrolean hike medal
GPX DownloadRoute to start

This tour starts in the Tanneben district and leads over glorious alpine meadows to the dilapidated Schmalzgrubenalm mountain hut. From there, the hike continues through the woods, emerging from the forest shortly before the Salfeinssee lake. When you come to the lake, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Inn Valley and stunning reflections of the Kalkkögel mountains. The route then continues south along the ridge between the Fotscher Valley and the Senders Valley, leading over four peaks along the way: Grieskogel (2,168 m), Breitschwemmkogel (2,264 m), Angerbergkopf (2,400 m) and Schaflegerkogel (2,504 m). From the Schaflegerkogel, the route leads back via the Furggesalm mountain hut and the Alpengasthof Bergheim alpine guesthouse, before finally following the forest road back along the Fotscher Valley to the starting point.

Hikers must be in good shape, have high fitness levels and demonstrate excellent stamina for this tour!

Arrival, public transport

Regiobus Sellrain Valley - route 4166

In the surrounding area

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