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Kühtai Panorama Via Ferrata – Innsbruck Region
Kühtai Panorama Via Ferrata

A wonderful via ferrata in the granite of the Sellrainer mountains, which leads to the 2807 m high Pockkogel. The altitude and the north facing position and the rather cool temperatures associated with it make for a high overall requirement. However, a sensational panoramic view awaits you at the end of the via ferrata. In the first section you immediately come to a key point with a degree of difficulty C/D. In the second sector a good part in grade D can be mastered. There are less steps there, but excellent rock with natural holds. The summit climb up the north face is certainly the highlight of this climbing tour. On the unsecured passages between section 1 and section 2 and on the descent, a head for heights and surefootedness are required.


Arrival, public transport

Von der Inntalautobahn A 12 Kufstein-Landeck bei der Ausfahrt Zirl Ost abfahren. Auf der Sellrainer Straße L 13 nach Kühtai fahren. Oder vom Ötztal anreisen, dazu in Ötz den Kreisverkehr Richtung Ochsengarten/Kühtai verlassen und auf der L 237 nach Kühtai fahren. Auf dem Parkplatz der Drei-Seen-Bahn parken.
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Elevation profile


On Saturday we will be in a meteorological no man’s land! Neither high pressure nor low pressure will influence our weather and the air will be moderately humid, moderately stable and moderately warm.

For our weather here this will mean a calm mix of sunshine and cloud with a bit more sunshine in the morning and a bit more cloud in the afternoon. Thunderstorms will be possible.


On Sunday and on Monday the weather will be bright with increasing temperatures.



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