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On Wednesday, the sky will be mostly grey; only rare clear spells will bring the sky a bit of colour! The chances of getting a bit of sunshine are however as small as the chances of getting some precipitation.

Temperatures will be around the seasonal average.


Thursday will bring still some colder but also nicer weather. Friday will then be sunny and rather cold.

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Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival

27 - 28 April 2018

Innsbruck running up the mountains! Join us! The Alpine Trail Run Festival celebrates the fashionable sport of trail running, the art of running beyond navigable paths. With a choice of different stages, the 15km-version is the most suitable for beginners. Further possibilities include stages measuring 25, 42, 65 and 85 kilometres, all with Innsbruck's Old Town as the finish line, where three of our routes even begin. A unique mixture of alpine and urban surroundings awaits every runner. Start in the centre of the Capital of the Alps and find yourself surrounded by glorious mountain nature in the shortest time possible.

The Fascination of Trail Running

Running in the mountains? What sounds like a nightmare for some, fascinates many others, and under closer inspection is not incomprehensible. Instead of running on asphalt, trail runners test themselves over soft forest trails, country roads and mountain paths. And it's good for you. Clear your head of everyday stress, and run; the cheapest therapy of all, and a top class fitness programme to boot.

Adventure Run and Trail Information

Flexible and multifaceted. That's what the Trail Run offers its competitors. Simply choose the trail length that appeals to you. Teams are also welcome to compete - a fun variation for clubs and businesses. Every kilometre counts as one point, and every team member's point goes toward the final results. A further interesting version is the adventure run, in which participants run at a moderate speed with a pacemaker.

Those who choose to to run the 25, 65 or 85km trails begin in Innsbruck, while the 42km stage starts at Natterer See, south-west of Innsbruck. The run takes you across the Natterboden and Bergisel, through the medieval old town of Hall, the villages of Absam and Thaur, past the Alpenzoo and back to Innsbruck. Choose the 15km stage and begin in the picturesque town of Hall, again via the villages of Absam and Thaur, past the Alpenzoo and on towards Innsbruck. Beware though, that the 25km run ends at Natterer See, not in Innsbruck, where a shuttle bus will return all participants to the city.

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