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The month of February 2019 is still in a good mood! After this clear starry night, morning temperatures will be quite low for the time of year, but as soon as the sun appears it will shine from a perfectly blue sky and make temperatures rise to spring-like values.


High pressure will reach its climax on Monday! Furthermore, the temperatures will be mild. We can thus look forward to a marvellous day!

The next harmless clouds will not arrive before Tuesday and Wednesday.

Panorama Webcams in Innsbruck and its regions

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Exploring Innsbruck and the surrounding area with your dog

Do you want to enjoy a holiday with your four-legged friend? This page provides helpful information for dog owners, from boarding kennels and dog parks through to the rules to follow when taking your dog to a public park and some tips on hiking with dogs. Keep reading to ensure that your four-legged friend has a great holiday too!

Boarding kennels and dogsitters

Even if you take your dog with you wherever you go, there are some cases when this is simply not an option: it's time to find a dogsitter! If you want to enjoy a day at the museum or a longer excursion, for example, the boarding kennels in Innsbruck and its holiday villages are the ideal solution for you!

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Romeo & Julia on Innstraße is a very centrally located boarding kennel that is only a short walk away from hotels in the city centre. This facility can provide your dog with an excellent home away from home on an hourly basis or all day long. It is even located next door to a dog parlour where your four-legged friend can be groomed to its heart's content.

The Hundepension Kranebitten dog kennels can also look after dogs overnight. The facility offers plenty of space for dogs to run around, a pond, a play area and dog bedrooms. You can even book a dog wash as a special treat. These luxury breaks for pets enable dog owners to enjoy time on their own with a clear conscience.

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Fresh water for thirsty dogs

In Innsbruck, crystal clear water flows straight down from the mountains and directly into the city's water supply. If you're out and about in Innsbruck, you can take advantage of the multitude of free drinking fountains to quench your thirst. Find out where these fountains are located on our interactive map. You can, of course, also use the fountains to fill up your dog's bowl when exploring the city.

Doggy etiquette at the park

Do you want to take your dog to the park? Go for it! You should, however, be sure to follow a number of rules so that you do not disturb other park visitors:

  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the grass or planted areas.
  • Any waste must be disposed of in the bins provided.

Dog parks in Innsbruck

Would you like to give your dog a good run around in the city? Dog parks offer plenty of space for your four-legged friend to frolic around to its heart's content. They can be found in many districts of the city. You can find a list of all of Innsbruck's dog parks, including links and maps, on the city's official website.

Hiking with your dog

Head up into the mountains! A mountain adventure is the ideal way to give your dog plenty of exercise followed by a perfect night's sleep. The mountain landscapes surrounding Innsbruck are truly impressive for both humans and animals, with paths leading through fragrant forests, birds tweeting away up in the trees and a stream burbling along at the side of the path. It even gives apartment dogs the chance to experience the scents of the great outdoors. If you want to take your dog into the mountains with you, you need to bear a few things in mind in order to ensure that you, your dog and other hikers all have a great time.

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Be sure to also keep your dog on a leash when hiking, even if it seems like the perfect place for your dog to run around. If you use a long leash, your dog will have enough freedom to explore by the edge of the path. Take caution around grazing animals such as cows. They are not vicious creatures but attacks are not unheard of. You should therefore avoid pastures when out with your dog and keep your distance if you come across any grazing animals. If you ever find yourself in difficulty near grazing animals, be sure to quickly release your dog from its leash so that it can get away quicker. You should then remain calm and slowly leave the pasture without any rapid movements.

Guided hikes with dogs

Hiking fans are sure to love our free mountain hiking programme with qualified mountain guides. Dogs are unfortunately not allowed to accompany you on these tours out of consideration for other participants and in order to prevent problematic encounters with grazing animals. However, there is another option for dog-lovers who are looking for like-minded people: The company Joy and Co organise paid hiking tours for dog owners. Your four-legged friends are more than welcome to join you on these tours, which are run by a dog trainer and biologist who shares lots of interesting information about the flora and fauna that you discover on your hike. Alongside hikes, Joy and Co also offers individual training sessions to help dogs and their owners live together in perfect harmony.

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Dogs on lifts and cable cars

The lifts and cable cars in and around Innsbruck are the quickest way to reach a destination high up in the Alps, where you can enjoy stunning views, fresh air and plenty of space to explore. Dogs are also allowed to travel in some of these lifts. Below you can find a summary of the rules that apply to the various lifts and cable cars:

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Nordkettenbahn lift: 

  • Dogs are allowed to travel for free but must be kept on a leash.
  • Please note: dogs are not permitted at the Alpine Zoo!

Muttereralmbahn lift:

  • dogs are allowed to travel for free


  • dogs are allowed to travel for free

Patscherkofelbahn lift

  • dogs must wear a muzzle

Bergbahn Oberperfuss:

  • dogs are allowed to travel for free
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Swimming with your dog

Dogs are unfortunately not allowed at the swimming lakes in Innsbruck and its holiday villages. The region does, however, offer a number of other options for helping your four-legged friends cool off. If you walk along the River Inn from Baggersee lake, heading in the direction of Hall (to the east), for example, you will find a number of small bays. These are ideal for splashing around when the river is low – at your own risk, of course. You can also find some great spots along the River Inn behind the airport or make the most of the streams and cold mountain lakes awaiting you on a mountain hike.

Dog-friendly hotels

Which hotels are happy to welcome both you and your dog? We have found a number of dog-friendly hotels for you to visit. Our tip: contact the hotel or local tourist office before you book. This way, you can quickly find out about details such as possible additional charges and requirements.

Dog-friendly accommodation 

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Innsbruck's western holiday villages are home to a particularly dog-friendly hotel: the Lizumerhof in Axamer Lizum.  The owners of the hotel are dog-lovers themselves and live there with their two male pugs and their female Yorkshire Terrier. Their love of dogs also has a strong influence on their corporate philosophy.

Guests do not have to pay a surcharge for their four-legged companions in summer and dogs are even allowed in the dining room with their owners during the summer months. The hotel also features a fenced-off dog run known as "Mopsland" and offers guests the opportunity to book dog trainers who come directly to the hotel. In case of emergency, the nearest vet is located just a few kilometres away. On top of all this, your dog can also be pampered during its holiday: the hotel offers reiki for dogs.

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If your pet requires medical treatment while on holiday, you can be sure that it will be well looked-after with Innsbruck's vets. We have a large range who will treat your pets with the utmost care and know-how.

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