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On Wednesday, the sky will be mostly grey; only rare clear spells will bring the sky a bit of colour! The chances of getting a bit of sunshine are however as small as the chances of getting some precipitation.

Temperatures will be around the seasonal average.


Thursday will bring still some colder but also nicer weather. Friday will then be sunny and rather cold.

Panorama Webcams in Innsbruck and its regions

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What to do in winter?

Indoors or outdoors, warm or cold: the activities on this page provide plenty of fun whatever the weather! Fancy a trip through the ice and snow on a fatbike? Excellent! Not so keen? Then why not practice indoors in the bike hall? Or check out Escape Room Innsbruck – a fun treasure hunt that you can do without even stepping outside. Would you like to hit the slopes at night? Now you can thanks to the night ski touring options on our local pistes. From sporting action to brain-bending challenges: Innsbruck offers a multitude of indoor and outdoor winter activities that will take you far away from the norm.

Fatbiking on snow

Extra-wide tyres make fatbikes the ultimate piece of sports equipment for biking fun on challenging surfaces! According to professional cyclist Markus Apperle, there's no such thing as poor conditions for biking. His fatbiking workshops take participants out on slippery ice and along snow-covered fields and paths. The bike guide supports participants with his expertise on safety and technique.


Splitboarding Nordkette

Watching the sunrise whilst climbing Innsbruck's Nordkette. Splitboarding with the city in view and a nice surprise at the top, here's how I got on.

Fun and action

Laserdrome, capture the flag, stealth and juggernaut are all terms used to refer to one and the same activity: laser tag. Tactics, camouflage and teamwork are all essential elements when it comes to mastering the art of laser tag, a game that provides plenty of fun when played with friends, relatives or even on your own with a group of strangers! Laser tag is available at two different venues in Innsbruck: Laserdrom and Lasergame Österreich.

Escape Room in Innsbruck

A puzzle adventure: Once you're locked in the escape room, you can only get out by solving a tricky puzzle that requires you to complete difficult tasks and put your detective skills and thinking ability to the test. Only by doing so can your group solve the tasks and get to the bottom of the secret solution required in order to escape the room. The Escape Room PerplexxX in Innsbruck is the ideal brain teaser for young and old alike and is perfect for families and small groups.

Escape Room PerplexxX

The Golden Roof, Innsbruck’s most famous landmark, is missing one of its tiles. The thief has left a trace and now it's up to you to find him! It's a race against time and you only have 60 minutes to locate the thief and the missing tile. On your marks, get set, go!

Highlights for night owls: tobogganing & ski touring

If you like to go out in the dark, these are the perfect activities for you! Anyone who likes long lie-ins in the morning or simply loves to be out and about at night can make the most of this opportunity to hit the slopes. Normal skiing may end as darkness draws in but it’s the perfect time to enjoy ski tours that are sure to impress with unique views and experiences. These activities are certainly not for those with a nervous disposition as they take you through the pitch-black woods full of night-time sounds that may get rather spooky. But they do offer stunning views of the city lights and starry skies, topped off by the meditative experience of being alone in the dark of the night. You can find out which pistes can be explored on which nights on the respective websites for the lifts and cable cars.

Tobogganing by floodlight

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Are you looking for something brighter and more social than ski touring? If so, night tobogganing is the ideal sport for you! Innsbruck is home to several floodlit toboggan runs that provide plenty of fun after dark. Thanks to our location, it can start to get dark here at as early as four in the afternoon depending on the month and weather conditions. Floodlit tobogganing is therefore also a great activity for families with children and the ideal way to wear out your little ones ready for a good night's sleep. Some of the local toboggan runs can be accessed via lift or cable car while others have to be scaled on foot, which is all part of the fun. After all, the food at the mountain hut near the start of the run tastes twice as good if you've worked hard to get it!

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For skaters and BMX freaks

The WUB Hall

Practice your skating and bike tricks whatever the weather: the WUB BMX and Skating Hall in Innsbruck offers 1,900 m² of skating and biking fun! The hall is home to obstacles, ramps that reach heights of several metres, a bowl area and an advanced area, as well as a special beginners’ area for those just starting out.

Sightseeing? A treasure hunt? The iPad City Challenge!

The iPad City Challenge in Innsbruck

A new take on the classic city tour: this interactive team activity is just like a treasure hunt featuring fun tricks and questions to test your knowledge. The iPad City Challenge is both informative and entertaining at the same time. Participants must register in advance.

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