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It is due to the foehn that Saturday will bring bright, dry weather, plenty of sunshine and clear mountain tops.

All day, we will see a friendly mix of sunshine and a few clouds. Temperatures will be mild.


Thanks to the south wind, we will once again get several hours of sunshine and mild temperatures on Sunday. The weather will then stay unstable. We will also have to say good-bye to the mild temperatures; it will cool down!

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The Dreiseen Hut is the ideal noonday stopover after an astonishingly quickly reached 2800 meter high summit. You can loll about at one of the quiet Plenderle Lakes in the afternoon – you have three to choose from. The go-getters can climb another 2800 meter high rocky peak. For the descent, you should make a somewhat wider sweep and add 1/2 to one hour. The stroll to the two Wiesberg lakes is a rewarding end to this easy going day. You reach the point of departure, the Dreiseen Hut (2881 m) from the top of the pass in 45 minutes via a steep, at the beginning, later on flatter grassy hill east of the chairlift. This route can also be reached directly from the Dortmund Hut via Trail No. 146 by turning north just after traversing the road which leads to the Finstertal reservoir. From the hut, still tranquil in the morning, climb upwards towards the sun behind the mountain flank, the markings lead one, at first near the two Plenderle Lakes, in the direction of the Gaisskogel-Scharte. The ascent to the 2658-meter high Scharte appears tiring at first glance, but it turns out not to be so. When you arrive up above, the shady, cool serpentine curves in pleasant morning sunlight await you, as well as a deep, sweeping view into the Kraspestal. The southern flank of the Gaisskogel is at first a grassy slope, then an exciting rock block ridge, over which you reach the eastern summit of the southern Kühtai summit chain without problems in 2 hours from the Drei-seen Hut. The summit cross stands on a northern pre-summit peak, where it can be seen from Haggen and St. Sigmund. The traverse to the summit cross is a somewhat daring bit of ridge climbing which should only be undertaken by those with alpine experience. Whoever returns to the Dreiseen Hut at noon will find it buzzing with life, provided the weather is good. And for the first and last time on this hiking week, you can leave your lunch in your backpack and order a complete menu at the hut. Since there is still time, after the morning tour to the Gaisskogel, those who want to conquer another summit can take a light backpack from this ideal base up to the Neunerkogel (2642 m) in the afternoon; or – more interesting and longer – to the Pockkogel (2807 m). On the stroll over to the reservoir (15 min.) you can consider whether you might like to undertake the one-hour ascent to the “Neuner” or would prefer to expend 1.5 – 1.75 hours to go up the Pockkogel. The trail to this peak begins just a few minutes to the south of the reservoir dam and leads steeply up into the Steintal Scharte, providing a magnificent view to both sides, to the reservoir and the Kraspestal, rewarding you handsomely at the 2743-meter high saddle for your efforts. If you turn back here, you aren’t missing much, but if you take on the additional 45 minutes to the summit of the Pockkogel, you will receive the additional reward of a still further improved view. From the Dreiseen Hut there is also a pretty descent: the comfortable path leads first to the east to the middle Plenderle Lake (2317 m) and then along some steep switchbacks down to the Hirscheben Lake (2164 m). It then is a pleasant stroll right across the Wiesberg and down to the pass. Altitude difference: Gaisskogel 800 meters, Pockkogel an additional 500 meters. Time: : Gaisskogel about 3 hours ascent, Pockkogel an additional 2 hours.
Altitude up 808m
Highest Point 2820m
Route length 5.5km
Duration ascend 3h
Best season Sommer und Herbst
City Kühtai
Region Kühtai - Sellraintal
Tourismusinformation Kühtai
Kühtai 42
6183 Kühtai
+43 5239 5222
[email protected]
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