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The satellite images do not give too much joy to us at the moment! They show nothing but clouds! Unfortunately, the weather maps show the same results and we can therefore only offer this forecast: The weather will be overcast and rainy.


The trend is positive: a new strong area of high pressure will mark the beginning of an improvement on Sunday.

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Even the approach to the Finstertaler Scharte (2779 m) is a very satisfying day tour and the few meters of altitude to the Schartenkogel are easy for anyone. If the weather is good, the somewhat isolated Kraspesspitze is to be recommended – it gives one a good impression of the isolatedness, far from the “big trails” – and it shouldn’t be forgotten that this is the third highest summit in the selection of marked Kühtai summit destinations. Follow, as on the second day, Trail No. 146 to the left, at first in steep hairpins over the uppermost grassy slope. A last beautiful mountain meadow at the foot of the cirque beckons one to enjoy a panoramic rest stop and listen to the bubbling of the brook. The very good markings now lead to the sunny eastern flank of a partly green rock spur. Two terraces on the slope in the far reaching cirque basin surprise the hiker with their crystal clear, tiny lakes created by melting mountain waters. In the middle of the otherwise unproblematic ascent, a steeper, extremely shady north face passage, with ice fragments or hard snow, may be somewhat unpleasant. But then comes the wide, flat saddle (2779 m), from which point Trail No. 146 winds down through the large cirque to the Guben Schweinfurter Hut. Perfect markings attract one to the only 75 meters higher Schartenkogel, which one reaches without any problem over a block ridge. Especially impressive is the view to the Sulzkogel from here, where you can see the entire ascent of yesterday. The Kraspesspitze is quite a bit longer and more complicated to climb. It should only be attempted in good weather, due to the sparse markings. The path leads just a few steps beyond the saddle eastwards and then descends towards the south beneath the ridge. After a short, flat traverse, one climbs through very steep switchback turns over a grassy ridge and on over rockfields and scree cirques until just beneath the scree pyramid of the summit. Here there is a well-marked variant of the Gubener trail leading right to the summit. The final segment of the trail to the summit cross is clearly marked. To the north, you see the reservoir and the approach route, especially instructive is the view down to Haggen over the Kraspesferner glacier and of course the wide silhouette of the nearby Zwieselbacher Rosskogel, which is inaccessible from here. Your gaze sweeps over the Horlachtal towards the icy giants to the south. Altitude difference: Sulzkogel 1000 meters, Kraspesspitze from Finstertaler Scharte, an additional 180 meters. Time: Sulzkogel 4 hours ascent, with Kraspesspitze and additional 2 1/2 hours.
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