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The area of high pressure which dominated our weather on Friday will remain stationary on Saturday. We will once again see a mixture of sunshine, occasional harmless clouds and pleasant temperatures.


The first showers of a weather front will reach us Saturday night. Unfortunately, the front will be unusually slow to move on and this is why we will have to deal with dense cloud and further showers all Sunday and Monday. The weather will then improve again, however.

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Multi-Caching - die Heimat des Bergdoktors

In Sonnenstein (Wildermieming) ordained many years the well-known mountain doctor. In this cache the doctor presents his home-village.

The Rochus Chapel:

N 47° 18.936

E 010° 59.916

Question: How many seats are in the chapel? Write down the number as A.

A =

The Greißlerladen and the Post - Franzis department

The next stop takes you right into the heart of Sonnenstein. Franzi the housekepper of Pankraz Obermayer had in this building her postal service. In the same building was also a small großery store.

N 47° 19.(2*A) 9

E 011° 00.(3*A+4) 9

Question: Count the windows of the first Floor on the south side of the house and note down the number as B.

B =

The way now leads passing a few movie sites to the parish church Wildermieming.

Parish Wildermieming:

The parish church was mentioned Wildermieming first documented in 1532 and was among the 57 oldest parishes of the former diocese of Brixen. The simple baroque church dedicated to St. Nicholas of Myra. Particularly interesting are the impressive ceiling fresco by Franz Altmüller and the great fresco of St. Christopher that adorns the south tower facade. In this tower you will find the hint to the next waypoint.

N 47° (3*A+1).1(3 * B)

E 011° 00.B0B

Question: Do you see the upper year that is specified on the church tower? Note the number as C and the second number as D.

C =

D =

Follow the road further east.


You are now standing in front of the famous film set of the Bergdoktorhaus. Here lived the popular TV doctor and treated all his patients and experienced the strangest stories. Opposite the entrance door you will find a gate. Behind that a narrow path leads over the hill down to the street. You perhaps remember this way that Franzi ran up often when Pankraz once again needed the help of the Bergdoktor. You should take this rout, once you've answered the following question:

N 47° 19.C(B+D)B

E 011° 00.A(D-C)(2*B) Question: Count the number of glass panel in the front door, double the number and note it down as E.


You will find the cache at:

N 47° 19.C(A+D)(E*2+C)

E 011° 00.(D*D)(E*3)(B+E)

City Mieming
Region Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte
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