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Forecasters particularly like their job when it comes to forecasting the influences a strong area of high pressure has on our weather: It will remain mostly sunny with very little cloud. Thunderstorms will be rare..


On Saturday, the weather will be bright. Sunday will be a real dream day! The sun will shine from a cloudless sky and temperatures will start to be summer-like. The weather will remain warm until after the weekend.

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Nordkette Singletrail

No Dirt, No Fun... Nordketten Singletrail - the hardest way to go down

Every year in spring, when the last snow starts to melt and the meadows and paths become visible again, Innsbruck's freeriders are ready. The reason therefore is the Nordketten Singletrail, a downhill trail located amidst picturesque mountain sceneries on an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level.

It is one of Europe's steepest, longest and most difficult mountain bike descents. In July 2009, the legendary trail celebrated its comeback and since then there has only been one objective for the founding father and trail designer Christian "Picco" Piccolruaz and his team Trail Solutions: turning the Nordketten Singletrail into the ultimate hotspot of the European freeride scene. Well, the signs are positive as the combination of urban flair and mountain bike adventure make this kind of sport a unique experience and even a lifestyle.

The ascent is very easy: within 20 minutes you can access the high alpine terrain via the Nordkettenbahn; the bottom station is located right next to the "Congress Innsbruck" convention center. While enjoying a bird's eye view of the trail, you already have the opportunity to get a foretaste of it. Having arrived at the Seegrube, 4.2 km of technically demanding paths and 1,030 m difference in altitude await the freeriders who can't wait to conquer the track. Banked turns, rock drops and root passages with brilliantly integrated northshores and drops create technically diversified freeride-feelings and offer great challenges.

Built in 2008, the "little brother" of the Nordketten Singletrail, the Hungerburg trail - also known as "Hubu Trail", allows extending the flow and the pleasure of riding due to another 350 m in altitude. The riders are lead directly into the town center, where the Innsbruck Nordkettenbahnen will already await them and thus, the fun to ride the official mountain bike routes can start again.

For all those, who would like to get a taste of it, and for those who would like to leave their bike at home, the "BikeBörse" bike rental offers comprehensive service packages from May to October including delivery and pickup of your bike to and from your hotel, a 7-day service and bike rental including complete equipment. Once you have chosen the appropriate mountain, downhill, BMX or dirt bike, you can immediately start having fun.
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