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A weak area of high pressure will bring warm, moderately humid air to Central Europe. After the thunderstorms of the previous night, some morning clouds will still be evident. The clouds will clear to leave brighter and even sunny spells. The afternoon will bring a high risk of showers and thunderstorms.


Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow the sky will be partly clear, partly cloudy. During the second half of the day the risk of thunderstorms will be high.

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Kühtai’s highest peak is surprisingly easy to conquer, in just 4 hours; in fact, if you take the lift you can do it in 3 hours. A pretty walk around half of the Finstertal Reservoir, an approach over sunny rockfields or snowfields, a ridge leading to the summit which presents no difficulties and a sweeping panoramic view from the summit are the lasting impressions of this three-thousand meter mountain tour which in good weather is quite unproblematic. For the descent, take the well marked and comfortable old trail, No. 146, which was laid out before the reservoir existed and begins at the Dortmund Hut (1948 m). A shorter approach variant leads from the parking lot soon after the barrier to the asphalt road (closed to traffic) towards the left to the boggy high valley. The trail follows a bubbling brook, traverses it on a wobbly bridge and then zig-zags as far as the foot of the reservoir wall, where it crosses the traffic road several times. If you stay on the street at the first crossing and walk through the dark road tunnel, it’s a bit easier up above and you reach the reservoir almost as quickly. The first view out over the artificial lake is one of profound, almost solemn seriousness – the north faces on the far side of the reservoir make an icy cold and forbidding impression, the nearly black rock walls are almost always bathed in cold, early morning light, dappled with white bands of snow. A wide trail leads on the eastern side of the reservoir first down to the nearby shore. An old construction road, long dilapidated, leads in a moderately steep grade over to the cirque; soon you get to the fork on the left to the Finstertaler Scharte, which we reach on the third day. Shortly after the fork, the construction road ends, the markings point to the right over the stream and back to the old path. A short ways now over the last mountain meadow on the sunny southeastern flank, then the well marked trail turns into the cirque again, traverses the stream again and goes around the wide vertical rock barriers on the eastern side. In moderate steepness, the trail first leads over flat moraine, then on a southern rockfield upwards – over on the north side, fields of firn snow glitter in the distance. Follow the markings, the route becomes steep here, up to the ridge, with its view down into the Längental and to the lonely mountains in the Stierkar. Go over the wide-backed ridge, which is passable also in snow, and up to the summit. The view is overwhelming and extends from the Zugspitze to the icy pinnacles of the central Alps in the south, the green-blue Finstertal Reservoir yawns up from the depths. If you climb to the last north-face rocky pinnacle, you will gain some idea of the difficulties of the wild north face, dotted with rocky spires, and the inaccessibility of the north face of the neighbouring peak, the Zwölferkogel, at the 12:00 position on the “clock face” of the Kühtai. During the descent, be sure to plan a rest on the above-mentioned upper mountain meadow and make the short stroll over to the large “stone man” at the eastern drop of the flank. The incomparable view down to the reservoir is always accompanied by a crisp breeze here. The ascent planned for tomorrow into the cirque of the Finstertaler Scharte can be seen better from here than anywhere else.
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