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Holiday villages in the Sellrain Valley

Altitude | Nature | Sport

Unique holiday enjoyment in a place where you can still hear the call of the wild. The impressive Sellrain Valley ranges from almost 600 metres above sea level to an altitude of over 2,020 metres – and is home to many extraordinary holiday villages. Diverse, untouched and full of sporting challenges, these villages all have one thing in common: they are set in a diverse alpine landscape, not far from the Capital of the Alps.

Encounters with nature, mountain solitude, personal reflection and adventure – there are many reasons this sparkling jewel in the Tyrolean Alps is visited by people from all over the world. One of them is most definitely the authenticity and honesty that fills the region –where life’s simple pleasures are found in guesthouses and mountain huts and experienced during encounters with people from the village, farmers and mountaineers. Openness, joie de vivre, long winters and hot summers. A combination that creates truly exceptional people.


Take a deep breath and relax: sustainable tourism in seven villages

Gries, Kühtai, Sellrain, Oberperfuss, Unterperfuss, Ranggen and St. Sigmund-Praxmar are true oases of tranquillity. A whole new world just a 20 minute drive from Innsbruck, the Capital of the Alps. Gries, Sellrain and St. Sigmund were recently recognised as mountaineering villages, an accolade reserved for places that are very close to nature. Kühtai is a great destination for the pistes – you can basically put your skis on right in front of the hotel. Unterperfuss, Oberperfuss and Ranggen, on the other hand, are shaped by agriculture despite their close proximity to the city: making them the perfect destination for farm holidays.

Summer in the soaring mountains

The surrounding mountains burst into life from mid-June until mid-July when the alpine roses put on a colourful display. A hike to the majestic Kalkkögel mountain range is also spectacular – the rugged peaks of the Kalkkögel reflected in the crystal clear waters of Salfeinsee lake is an absolutely breathtaking sight. And while we’re on the subject of breathing: the Sellrain Valley is pollen free thanks to its high altitude, allowing people who suffer from allergies to breathe easily.

3,000-metre-high peaks, wonderful trails and relaxed journeys of discovery through diverse forests and high alpine terrain: a summer holiday in the villages along the Sellrain Valley is a dive into a world full of sport, surprises, wonder and new discoveries.

Where winter lasts longer

Jack Frost’s rugged beauty often remains well into spring and opens up a diverse range of winter sports, from ice climbing on frozen waterfalls, ski touring and snowshoeing amidst stunning winter scenery to skiing, cross-country skiing and tobogganing. Olympic champions even come to the Sellrain Valley in summer and winter alike to train at the Kühtai High Altitude Training Centre, located 2020 metres above sea level. Kühtai is also Tyrol’s highest ski resort, the slopes of the Rangger Köpfl in Oberperfuss are perfect for families and the mountaineering villages offer a wonderful contrast of untouched nature and tranquillity.