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Unlike the performances of the German World Cup skiers, our weather is only mediocre at the moment! Weak high pressure areas are alternating with weak low pressure areas! Today, it is the high’s turn! It will have difficulty, however, in dissipating the cloudy remnants of yesterday’s weather front. It will just snow at times. But in the second half of the day we will see prolonged sunny spells.


Sunday will mark the end of the precipitation giving way to a few nice and extremely cold days.

Panorama Webcams in Innsbruck and its regions

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The legendary Martinswand

Nature reserve, climbing paradise and the stuff of legends

The Martinswand is a rock wall that is over 600 metres high. This natural landmark is impossible to miss and characterises the appearance of Kematen – even though it’s actually located in Zirl. The rugged rock wall has always provided lots of material for myths and legends – for climbers it provides particularly ideal terrain and features sport climbing routes at the foot of the wall and a challenging via ferrata that is split into two sections and linked at the grotto. According to legend, Emperor Maximilian I also tried climbing the wall – albeit rather unwillingly. He lost his bearings while hunting chamois and – overexerted by the endless climbing – sought refuge in a grotto. There he was rescued by a farm boy – or some legends tell of an angel. The Kaiser-Maximilian-Grotte (Emperor Maximilian Grotto), as it has been known since, still exists and is still accessible today.

Climbing the Martinswand

The steep rock face of the Martinswand offers challenging climbing routes surrounded by stunning views of the Kalkkögel mountain range and many other rock formations. The routes are also good fun for experienced climbers: here you can put your alpine experience to the test and get a real feel for the rock as you climb the wall. Are you visiting Innsbruck and the surrounding area for a climbing holiday? The Martinswand offers exciting terrain with one via ferrata and many wonderful rock climbing routes.

The Emperor’s whims and the origins of a name

The Emperor also left his mark on the village of Kematen. He liked this tranquil place with its stunning views of the fateful Martinswand so much that he enjoyed many a celebration here. Two granaries in the village serve as a reminder of the Emperor – they were used for the safekeeping of the “tithe”, which was a kind of medieval tax.

The name Kematen derives from the Latin term “caminata”, which literally means “heated chamber”. However, myth provides another explanation: according to legend, the name comes from a cry that Emperor Maximilian I let out as he hung on the Martinswand waiting for help to arrive: “Wenn sie decht nur kematen!” (“If only they would come!”).

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