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Unlike the performances of the German World Cup skiers, our weather is only mediocre at the moment! Weak high pressure areas are alternating with weak low pressure areas! Today, it is the high’s turn! It will have difficulty, however, in dissipating the cloudy remnants of yesterday’s weather front. It will just snow at times. But in the second half of the day we will see prolonged sunny spells.


Sunday will mark the end of the precipitation giving way to a few nice and extremely cold days.

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Tourist information Zirl

Mon-Fri: 9.00am-12noon
and 3.00pm-6.00pm

Tourist office Rum

Mon-Fri: 8.00am-12.30noon

The heart of nativity scene building

Zirl has a lot to offer – and is the proud centre of traditional nativity scene building. The charming village is home to an impressive Nativity Scene Museum that delights visitors both big and small with its valuable collection of typical nativity scenes from Zirl. In addition to the Nativity Scene Museum, there is also a Local History Museum that gives an amazing insight into the past with ancient writings, photographs and equipment, as well as household and agricultural tools.

Culture & tradition

The Local History Museum is also home to sketches and drawings by one of Zirl’s true “stars” – the extraordinary church painter Franz Plattner. These are only a few of the valuable testimonies that Franz Plattner left behind – the interior of the Parish Church of the Holy Cross, located just a few steps away from the museum, is also adorned with beautiful frescos by this artist from Zirl.

Winter is a time of tranquillity and reflection, when numerous Christmas concerts and magical Christmas markets create a wonderful Christmas atmosphere.

The art of creating carnival costumes out of corn plants is something unique to the region. The costumes are worn by the “Türggeler” – traditional characters who appear at the beginning of Lent and initiate the end of carnival season.

Lent is the time of Passion cribs

Decorating the traditional nativity mountain is a celebrated custom in Zirl: During the Christmas season, it’s a nativity scene full of characters. During Lent, it’s transformed into a Passion crib featuring an Easter scene for guests and locals to admire. The Calvary Church is also home to a Passion crib, which features painted paper figures that are displayed until after Easter.

Contact & information

Nativity Scene and Local History Museum
Dorfplatz 2
6170  Zirl
+43 5238 / 54 382
[email protected]

Opening times
Tuesday and Wednesday, 9 am - 12 noon
Nativity scenes: 6 January to 2 February (Candlemas)
Saturday and Sunday 2 pm - 5 pm

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