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Mo-Fr 8.30 am - 12.30 pm

Tourist Information Mieming

Mo - Fr 8.30 am - 12.30 pm
and 1.30 - 5.30 pm
Sa 9.30 am - 12.00 noon

Tourist Information Telfs

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Culture & customs

Here in the Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte holiday region, culture and customs are deeply ingrained into the traditional way of life. High levels of participation in local clubs and associations transform church festivals, above all, into memorable events. The village brass bands and the ‘Schützen’ – a historic rifleman’s association – in particular, boast a very long history.

Various customs from regular folk musicians’ get-togethers to ‘Krampus’ runs to nativity scene-making associations are genuinely lived here, and form a part of everyday life in the villages. Spectacular carnival or ‘Fasnacht’ processions are a very special and unique cultural asset in the Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte holiday region. Culture, folk culture and modern-day life come together in the region to create a harmonious whole.

Stams Monastery

A unique treasure of art and culture in Tyrol – the stunning Baroque monastery in Stams with its orangery and monastery shop.

More information >

The Baroque Cistercian monastery in the village of Stams is visible from afar in the centre of the Upper Inn Valley, south of the River Inn. Founded in 1273 by Count Meinhard II of Gorizia-Tyrol, the monastery was created to provide a burial site for all the future Counts of Gorizia-Tyrol. According to a popular legend, however, the foundation of the monastery is attributable to the gruesome death of Conradin, the last member of the Hohenstaufen dynasty who was beheaded in Naples in 1268. Conradin’s mother, whose first marriage was to Conrad IV of Hohenstaufen, King of Germany, is said to have asked her second husband, Count Meinhard II, to build the monastery in Stams as a memorial to her son. The monastery certainly has many tales to tell…

At the heart of the monastery is the collegiate church, a basilica since 1984. With its princely tomb, magnificent pulpit, impressive vault and wall paintings and what is probably the most renowned piece of artwork in the church, the Tree of Life altar, the basilica is a veritable cultural highlight in Tyrol.

After 20 years of building renovation work, the Cistercian abbey in Stams opens its doors to its new museum in November 2017. A permanent exhibition displays a wide cross-section of the most important objects from the various collections. Examples include large altars, precious tunicles, grand furniture, paintings and portraits, an astronomical table, and an apothecary.

Another jewel of Baroque architecture is the monastery’s orangery. With its stunning restaurant garden, it offers the perfect place to savour the atmosphere of the monastery over a cup of coffee.

>> Downloaden brochure

Verwaltung Stift Stams
Stiftshof 1
A-6422 Stams
Tel.: +43 5263 6242

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'Krippenherberge' nativity scene exhibition

Masterpieces of craftsmanship in a 300 m² exhibition area

More information >

In the Alpine region there are many nativity scene exhibitions.
But a nativity scene exhibition like the one created by the Wildermieming Nativity Scene-Making Association is truly exceptional, and astounds even veteran native-scene enthusiasts.
Located in the basement of the Aktiv-Hotel Traube in Wildermieming, some 50 nativity scenes of various styles and origins depict many  facets of the life of Christ. Incredible detail, one-off figures sculpted by wood carvers and beautifully created backdrops make this a not-to-be-missed attraction. In addition to the two oldest scenes, which date back to 1840 and 1860, visitors can also see a wonderful sandstone scene from Italy. A so-called ‘mirrored’ nativity scene enables visitors to view the scene from different perspectives.
The exhibition is open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 12 am & 2 pm - 5 pm.

€ 4 / children up to the age of 14 are free of charge.
Guest.Card holders receive a 25% discount on the admission fee.

Affenhausen 8
A-6413 Wildermieming
Tel. +43 650 / 21 21 276

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Fasnacht carnival

The Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte holiday region is home to some of the oldest and most elaborate Fasnacht carnival traditions.

More information >

The Fasnacht carnival celebrations and processions are held at regular intervals in the Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte  region. This ancient custom has many facets – on the one hand, it symbolises the battle to drive winter away. On the other hand, it is a time of light-hearted celebrating , of fun, thrills, spills and laughter.

The tradition of ‘Schleicherlaufen’ (on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage) takes place in the town of Telfs every five years. The next time will be 2020. Over the past decades the traditional ‘Schleicherlaufen’ procession, in which some 500 people now actively take part, has developed to become a major event renowned far beyond the borders of Tyrol, and a spectacle that attracts around 15,000 spectators from near and far.


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Krampus runs

After St. Nicholas and his angels have passed through the village giving gifts to the children, the ground opens up for the devilish creatures and all hell breaks loose!

More information >

At the beginning of December, the tranquil, magical Advent seasons is temporarily interrupted by mysterious, devilish goings-on. Every year here in the Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte holiday region,  both traditional ‘Krampus’ (locally known as ‘Tuifl’) associations and groups of ‘fiendishly’ mischievous youngsters take part in the infamous ‘Krampus runs’! The characteristic fur costumes and scary wooden masks are, in many cases, veritable pieces of art.

Local Krampus associations:

    Mieminger Tuiflverein
    Grieslehn Pass Wildermieming
    Kochental Pass Telfs
    Krampusverein Silz
    Rietzer Tuifl
    Pfaffenhofer Tuifl
    Pollinger Tuifl

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Christmas markets

The Christmas market in the Old Town of Innsbruck is one of the most beautiful in Austria.

More information >

Christmas would simply not be Christmas without the traditional Christmas market in the heart of the festively decorated Old Town in the Tyrol’s capital city. The aroma of Christmas baking, tangy hot orange punch and steaming spiced mulled wine, along with the sound of Yuletide melodies fill visitors with the magical spirit of Christmas. The numerous market stalls sell all sorts of handmade, traditional items, as well as mouth-watering local specialities such as ‘Kiachln’ which can be savoured either sweet with jam or savoury with sauerkraut.

Guests staying in the Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte holiday region, when in possession of their Guest.Card, can take advantage of free bus travel between the holiday region and Innsbruck.

> Innsbrucker Bergweihnacht

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Noaflhaus museum of Fasnacht traditions and local history

The Noaflhaus museum in the centre of Telfs houses an exhibition dedicated to Telfs’ Fasnacht carnival traditions, and offers a wealth of background information, photographs and exhibits.

More information >

On 29th November 2010, the tradition of ‘Schleicherlaufen’ in Telfs was presented with a document confirming its entry onto the national list of ‘UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage’. In the Noaflhaus, visitors can find out lots of interesting facts about the historical origins of the Fasnacht tradition, its symbolic meaning, the individual figures and the various Fasnacht groups.

For guests staying in the Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte holiday region in possession of their Guest.Card admission to the museum and exhibition is free.

Fasnacht- und Heimatmuseum Noaflhaus
Untermarktstraße 20
A-6410 Telfs
Tel.: +43 5262 62709 20

Opening times:
Thursday & Saturday: 9 am to 12 noon
Friday: 5 pm to 8 pm

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Maria Locherboden pilgrimage church

High above the Inn Valley, the well-known and much-loved Maria Locherboden pilgrimage church enjoys a majestic setting.

More information >

The Maria Locherboden pilgrimage church was constructed in the middle of the 18th century on the highest point of Locherboden hill, 816 metres above sea level. The location was chosen for the construction of church after a mine collapsed and, following prayers to Mary, a miner was miraculously rescued. Since that time, many people seeking help have pilgrimaged to the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary. The location also offers breathtaking views of Stams Monastery and the Upper Inn Valley. The Neo-Gothic style of the church is characterised by the ceiling frescoes created by the Innsbruck-born artist Toni Kirchmayr.

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‘Obertöne’ chamber music society - Stift Stams

Concerts and other (musical) events organised by the ‘Obertöne’ chamber music society offer audiences the chance to experience the works of interesting musicians in small and intimate settings.

More information >

Every year, during one week in September, renowned musicians from all over the world come together in the village of Stams to perform in the Baroque ‘Bernardisaal’ hall in Stams Monastery. The high-quality festival breaks new musical ground by combining music from various eras and styles - from Baroque all the way to Tango - to create programmes full of suspense and emotion. Interpretations in keeping with the original style combined with impulsive approaches to the pieces have become the trademark of the ‘Obertöne’ chamber music society whose concerts attract and delight a colourful audience of all ages.

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‘Tiroler Volksschauspiele’ theatre festival

This annual cultural highlight is renowned far beyond the borders of the Tyrol.

More information >

The Austrian actor, cabaret artist and director Kurt Weinzierl (1931 – 2008) had an idea which he pursued with dedication, that of bringing together professional Tyrolean actors and actresses, stage designers, directors etc. working in German-language theatres to breathe new life into the local dramatics scene. Together with his colleagues Dietmar Schönherr, Otto Grünmandl and Josef Kuderna, he was the founding father of the highly successful ‘Tiroler Volksschauspiele’ theatre festival in Telfs.

One of the unique features of the ‘Tiroler Volksschauspiele’ theatre festival is its changing performance venues. The piece itself ‘selects its own venue’ as it were – it could be a clearing in the forest, an old, derelict greenhouse, garden nursery or an inner courtyard in the town of Telfs. Whatever the setting, an exceptional atmosphere and an unforgettable evening of drama are always guaranteed.

Click here for detailed information on the repertoire and ticket info >> Tiroler Volksschauspiele

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Amateur folk theatre

Local folk theatre, similar to amateur dramatics, enjoys great popularity in the Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte holiday region.

More information >

Die Plateauniker – Mieminger Plateau theatre group
Obermieming 163
A-6414 Mieming
Tel.: +43 5264 5013

Theaterverein Rietz
Dürre 8
A-6421 Rietz
Tel.: +43 5262 63603

Theaterverein Silz
Dornachweg 15
A-6424 Silz
Tel.: +43 5263 6458

Das kleine Bezirkstheater
Wengeweg 17
A-6422 Stams
Tel.: +43 650 6378695

Stamser Dorfbühne
Dorfstraße 24/3
A-6422 Stams
Tel.: +43 680 2112933

Theatergruppe Oberhofen

Sonnenweg 12
A-6406 Oberhofen
Tel.: +43 5262 61947

Volksbühne Telfs

Arzbergstraße 10
A-6410 Telfs
Tel.: +43 664 4291582

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Peace Bell

West Austria’s largest free-standing bell rings every day at 5 pm in the village of Mösern (1,206 m) above the town of Telfs (634 m).

More information >

The Peace Bell in Mösern is the largest free-standing bell in the Alps. Its clang is truly impressive and, furthermore, its symbolic significance offers food for thought. Its idyllic location offers an ideal spot in which to stop, reflect and take in the stunning view.

The Peace Bell, which was erected to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the ARGE ALP association of Alpine states, symbolises the solidarity between the Alpine countries. When rung at 5 pm every day, its peals resound far into the Inn Valley, a symbol of good neighbourliness and peace in our home country. The Peace Bell Trail, which begins at the Seewald Alm car park, takes walkers up to the Peace Bell in around 1 ½ hours.

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Hörtenberg Castle ruins

Today visitors to the former court can only view its ruins which are nonetheless very impressive.

More information >

Above the village of Pfaffenhofen and visible from afar, stand the castle ruins of Hörtenberg. During the Middle Ages, the castle housed the local court before it was relocated to the town of Telfs. Today only the castle tower is still intact, which has been given a roof for protection reasons. The leisurely walk from Pfaffenhofen to the castle ruins takes you through dense woodland punctuated with stunning views of  Pfaffenhofen, Telfs and the surrounding villages.

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International Horn Days in Telfs

The annual international Horn Days (Horntage) in Telfs, which takes place in July, is led by world-class teachers.

More information >

What originally began as a small event for horn players has, in the meantime, established itself as one of the highest-quality and most popular events for international students and professional horn players. The international Horn Days, which is now an annual event that always takes place during the month of July, is led by world-class teachers. The results of these prolific master classes are truly impressive and can be enjoyed by the public on two occasions – at one church service with stunning musical accompaniment, and at the outstanding closing concert at the end of the International Horn Days in Telfs.

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