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The high pressure area named Dorit which brought us this wonderful weather yesterday will persist today. However, weather fronts from the Atlantic are approaching which make the air pressure here drop slightly and bring a few clouds in the course of the day. We will get another beautiful day.


We will remain under the influence of high pressure the next few days.

Panorama Webcams in Innsbruck and its regions

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The Tourist Information team - always here for you! Contact us

Tourist Information Obsteig

Mo-Fr 8.30 am - 12.30 pm

Tourist Information Mieming

Mo - Fr 8.30 am - 12.30 pm
and 1.30 - 5.30 pm
Sa 9.30 am - 12.00 noon

Tourist Information Telfs

Mo - Fr 8.30 am - 12.30 pm
and 2.00 - 5.30 pm

Themed walks & trails

Several themed walks & hiking trails in our holiday region offer walkers an insight into various subjects of local interest from culture to nature to history.

Themed walk in Inzing

Visually appealing information boards positioned along the walking trail provide an in-depth insight into how the landscape was formed by the force of the glacier and water.

More information >

An illustrative presentation of the history of cartography, the origins of which have an important local connection with Peter Anich and Blasius Hueber, can also be viewed.

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A walk through the centuries

Churches, chambers and cellars in Flaurling.

More information >

Located in the middle of the Upper Inn Valley on the old salt road between Innsbruck and Telfs, the village of Flaurling has, for several years now, been one of the official stops along the Way of St. James. It is a typical Tyrolean village with a rural character.

The village, first occupied by the Bavarii (Bavarians), was recorded in documents dating back as early as 763 AD under the name of ‘Flurininga’. Its eventful history, which has many connections to Tyrolean, Austrian and European history, comes to life during this walking tour.

Several architectural jewels from the Middle Ages are particularly worth noting, many of which, including Ris Castle, became church property at the time of the Habsburg endowments around 1500.

For the most part, the historical buildings replaced earlier buildings. For example, the Classical-style Parish Church of St. Margaret now stands on top of the foundations of a 14th-century chapel.

Today, with its carefully renovated private houses, Flaurling’s village centre is a picturesque hamlet strongly rooted in history.

>Download the brochure

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Alpine Park

Get closer to nature and sharpen your view for essential details on the trails of Alpinpark Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte.

More information >

The focus of the Alpine Park is centred on the natural environment and its enormously rich diversity. Five interesteing themed  trails in Wildermieming, Mieming, Obsteig and Nassereith offer walkers a deeper insight into the distinguishing features of the flora and fauna here in the Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte holiday region. Despite the Alpine conditions which are extreme in some places, the terrain nonetheless offers an ideal habitat for many plant and animals species. A fascinating journey of discovery for the whole family!

Themed nature trails with information boards:

  • ANGERTALWEG trail in Wildermieming -  starting point is the car park to the east of the recycling yard or the Gerhardhof farm.

  • MOOSWIESENWEG trail in Barwies beside the Moosalm mountain restaurant

  • HOHLWEG trail in Obsteig - starting point is the hamlet of Gschwent (western edge). Walking time 10 minutes. The Hohlweg trail joins the Eggenbergweg trail (plateau circular walk).

  • TRAIL OF THE EXTREMES - From the wetlands at the edge of the River Inn beside the hanging bridge in Stams to Locherboden.
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Cultural walk through Telfs

Walk through Telfs with open eyes.

More information >

Explore and discover the market town of Telfs. The popular cultural walk through the town of Telfs takes you past captivating frescoes, artistically elaborate fountains with fascinating stories behind their origins and historically interesting buildings. Starting point is the town hall (Rathaus) in the centre of Telfs.

A list of the individual places of interest, complete with descriptions and a numbered map, is available here as a download or from any of the tourist information offices: >> Download cultural walk Telfs

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Oak forest nature trail in Stams

A stroll through the historical oakwood in Stams is always a worthwile pastime.

More information >

The oak forest in Stams is one of the last remaining mixed deciduous forests that were once widespread in the floodplains of the Inn Valley and on the talus slopes. Owned by the Cistercian monastery in Stams, this particular forest owes its survival to its function as a protective barrier against flooding and mudslides. Today, a nature trail which starts in the west of the village leads through the forest alongside the banks of the Stamser Bach stream. Information boards provide interesting facts on nature-themed topics such as wild herbs, grasses, birds and wetlands.

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Larch Tree Trail in Obsteig

A short circular trail centered around the larchtree meadows.

More information >

This short, pleasant hike is aimed at sharing the beauty of the larch meadows with our guests and, at the same time, providing interesting information and an enjoyable experience. Starting at the entrance to the village of Obsteig, the Larch Tree Trail offers a short hike centred around the larch tree meadows.

Take your time and learn all about the larch tree, about the history of the larch forests, their cultivation and uses, and about the flora and fauna of the forest. Particular highlights during the walk also include glacial erratics dating back to the Ice Age and a huge ‘circular stone’, the origins of which remain a mystery.

The time required for the track depends on who is using it – runners can do it on around 15 minutes, walkers in 45 minutes, people interested in the history, geology, flora and fauna along the way require around 2 hours, and those who really want to relax, take it easy and savour every minute can spend half a day on the track.

>Download Larchsteig

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