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High „Dorit“ continues to dominate Central European weather, and the maps show no male low that could dispute its supremacy!

Monday will therefore bring us fantastic winter weather! The day will start with hard frost, but then the February sun will prove its mettle and ensure temperatures rise to pleasant highs in the afternoon.



The weather forecast for the next few days is fairly promising: It will vary between bright and cloudy, temperatures will drop a bit.

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Holiday villages in Tirol Mitte


The holiday village of Silz is well-known for its extensive range of activities. Alongside ice-skating, ice hockey, tennis and mini-golf, river surfing at the Riversurfwelle is a special highlight.

Altitude: 654 m
Population: ca. 2530

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Silz, a paradise for hikers, forms the link between the Ötztal and the central Oberinntal. Here, signposted trails lead you through picturesque woods, past gushing waterfalls and along expansive meadows to glorious vantage points. One example of a popular walking destination is the abbey at the beautifully-situated Petersberg Castle. Notable are the dense network of cycle and mountain bike routes, the fitness trail, the Silzer floodplain and the artificial ice arena. In addition, the famous Kühtai winter sports area is nearby and offers perfect piste conditions for every difficulty level.

>> Site map Silz

>> Accomodations in Silz

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Mötz is famous for its pilgrimage church, the Maria Locherboden, which sits high on a crag.

Altitude: 654 m
Population: ca. 1280

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Mötz is in the Inn Valley (Inntal), on the connecting road to Mieming Plateau, and and does not skimp on the charms of a typical Tyrolean village. The village's eye-catcher is the Maria Locherboden pilgrimage church, which sits high on a rock above Mötz. Dedicated to Our Lady, the church is a place of pilgrimage and a popular visitor destination, and both the walls and arches are decorated with ornamental and figurative paintings. A monthly torchlit night pilgrimage attracts many churchgoers and visitors who are captivated by the neo-Gothic building and the wonderful panorama across the Inntal.

>> Site map Mötz

>> Accomodations in Mötz

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Stams is renowned for its cultural gem, the Cistercian monastery, and as a hotbed of Austrian ski-jumping talent.

Altitude: 672 m
Population: ca. 1380

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Cultural gem and eagle's nest - the home of the internationally-renowned Cistercian monastery. Stams' reputation as a spiritual and cultural centre in Tyrol's Oberland was gained early on via countless events at the monastery. The Prince's Hall and basilika are best explored as part of a guided tour, washed down with a fine glass of home-distilled schnaps in the monastery gift shop. Stams is also a centre of education, with two high schools, a school of education, an institute for social pedagogy, and a ski school which produces the next Austrian ski-jumping talent.

The Brunnental artificial ski-jump in Stams is is used for training in summer by both professionals and budding athletes. Nature lovers also treasure the area, with just two of the highlights in Stams being a stroll through the old oak woods with its nature trail or, for the more adventurous, crossing the river Inn via the narrow rope bridge.

>> Site map Stams

>> Accomodation in Stams

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'Kirchendorf' Rietz - famous for its distillery and sweet berry delicacies.

Altitude: 685 m
Population: ca. 2180

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Fall in love with the multifaceted and picturesque alleyways in Rietz and their very own charms. The byname 'Kirchendorf' is no accident, as the pilgrimage church of Anthony of Padua is especially beloved by wedding parties, and the whole village comes alive every three years when Rietz becomes a symbol of Shrove Tuesday celebrations. But the pleasure lasts much longer - fruity delicacies, schnaps and liquors are just waiting to be discovered and tasted in "Mair's Beerengarten"!

>> Site map Rietz

>> Accomodations in Rietz

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The ruins of Hörtenberg Castle high above Pfaffenhofen draw everyone's attention.

Altitude: 642 m
Population: ca. 1080

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Pfaffenhofen is a holiday village with history. High above the village, the ruins of Hörtenberg Castle draw everybody's attention. In the year 1300, the castle served as a place of jurisdiction for the wider region, but is nowadays a popular destination for walkers. In the 5th century, a wandering bishop settled in Pfaffenhofen, and the diocese can still be admired under the presbytery of the parich church of the Assumption. For sportspeople, the area around Pfaffenhofen offers extensive walking trails and mountain bike tours, and a relaxed cycle along the the Inn's floodplains is a special experience.

>> Site map Pfaffenhofen

>> Accomodations in Pfaffenhofen

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Vast fields, and courtyards decorated with flowers, form the landscape of Oberhofen.

Altitude: 622 m
Population: ca. 1750

More information >

Oberhofen is regarded as an insider's tip for those seeking relaxation. The picturesque village with its rustic centre, numerous farmhouses decorated with flowers, and quiet streets is situated directly on the Inn. Particularly worth seeing and spending some time at are the numerous chapels in and around Oberhofen. The village also offers a wide range of possibilities for a balanced and active holiday, with wonderful walking trails leading to Oberhofen's two alpine inns, both specialising in fantastic views and homemade delicacies.

>> Site map Oberhofen

>> Accomodations in Oberhofen

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History and tradition are closely intertwined in Flaurling. Churches, chambers and cellars reveal their treasures.

Altitude: 675 m
Population: ca. 1285

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A place steeped in history and tradition, and a popular address for those seeking culture and relaxation, and for walkers and cyclists. The distinctive 'Risschloss' once served as Kaiser Maxmilian's hunting lodge and gives today's visitor a vivid history lesson. The village's inhabitants keep the old Tyrolean traditions and events alive in their most loving and caring ways.

A walk through the centuries. Churches, cellars and chambers in Flaurling.

>> Site map Flaurling

>> Accomodations Flaurling

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Simply enjoy the walk or take a horse ride through nature - Pettnau is an ideal holiday place.

Altitude: 607 m
Population: ca. 960

More information >

A rural idyll with the Tyrolean way of life. The Georgskirche (St. George's Church) in the Leiblfing area has long been used as an attractive and typically Tyrolean subject on postcards. The village's seven areas lend themselves wonderfully to exploration holidays. A camping site, stables, a fishery and plenty of nature are the touristic highlights of Pettnau.

>> Site map Pettnau

>> Accomodations in Pettnau

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Take it easy, unwind and enjoy the welcome - relaxing holidays in Polling.

Altitude: 615 m
Population: ca. 1020

More information >

The small holiday village of Polling offers intensive relaxation in a rural setting. Far away from the stress, noise and fast pace of the city, visitors quickly discover what is important: peace, relaxation and pleasure. The charming Inntal bike trail passes straight through Polling, the starting point for numerous walks and hikes.

>> Site map Polling

>> Accomodations in Polling

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Directly at the edge of the Tyrolean forest, the peaceful village of Hatting is perfect for rejuvenation.

Altitude: 616 m
Population: ca. 1365

More information >

Farms and traditional societies such as the shooting club and the village band represent the authentic Tyrolean character of Hatting, while many highly-detailed and signposted tours will capture the hearts of hikers and mountain bikers. The church of St Ägidius (St. Giles) in the heart of the parish serves as the cultural centre of the village.

>> Site map Hatting

>> Accomodations in Hatting

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A wonderful place for nature lovers with numerous walking trails and the Gaisau bird sanctuary.

Altitude: 616 m
Population: ca. 3680

More information >

A paradise for walkers with the guarantee of relaxation, situated in the east of the Sonnenplateau Mieming & Tirol Mitte holiday region. For nature lovers there are numerous walking trails and the beautiful Inzinger Alm, while the Inzinger "Themenweg" offers an alternative for the inquisitive walker. The Gaisau bird sanctuary offers a wonderful view into the world of birds, and for those who love Christmas traditions, Inzing is well worth a visit. The village's tradition of building nativity scenes goes back to the 17th century.

>> Site map Inzing

>> Accomodations in Inzing

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