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The high pressure area named Dorit which brought us this wonderful weather yesterday will persist today. However, weather fronts from the Atlantic are approaching which make the air pressure here drop slightly and bring a few clouds in the course of the day. We will get another beautiful day.


We will remain under the influence of high pressure the next few days.

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Tourist office Igls

Mon - Fri 8.30am - 6pm

Customs & carnival in Igls-Vill, Patsch and Ellbögen

Colourful tradition in all its diversity

The southern holiday villages of Vill-Igls, Patsch and Ellbögen are not only popular thanks to the charming scenery, sweeping panoramic views and delightful sunny days – they are also renowned for their active cultural life, their sense of village community and the atmosphere of joie de vivre that accompanies every event, parade and traditional celebration.

Igls carnival celebrations

Always held on the Sunday before Lent in the centre of Igls

The “Huttler” from Igls and Vill are truly special thanks to their magnificent costumes and the significance these costumes have for the traditional carnival rituals. The “Hutler-Giahn” celebration is a real highlight of the cultural year. The men from the village have taken part in this carnival parade for generations, driving away winter and welcoming in the spirits of summer. The “Huttler” season starts on the day after Epiphany and reaches its peak on Shrove Tuesday. The “Huttler” from Igls and Vill delight onlookers and guests during the carnival parades, at the “Mullerschaug’n” and during various village events – they also visit numerous farms and private homes to drive out winter and bring the inhabitants luck.

Traditional characters from this wonderful tradition include the witch couple, the bears, the “Schianen”, the “Plattler”, the “Zottler” and the “Bajazzo”. In Igls, a few additional characters have also joined the traditional parade: the “Meckipaar” hedgehog couple, initiated by Igls Primary School and brought to life by wood carver “Raindl”, now also take part in the traditional sequence of colourful characters. The “Huttler” from Igls and Vill are characterised by their movements, dances and traditional “Plattler” folk dancing. They spread fertility and happiness amongst onlookers by “hitting” them on the shoulder. After the dance of honour and the unmasking, the “Plattler” dance a rousing “Kreuzpolka” and the individual characters then leave the room.

Passing this tradition down to the next generation is a big honour. The young “Huttler” feverishly await the carnival season and, in particular, Rosenmontag (the day before Shrove Tuesday) when they are handed the stage: after visiting an old people’s home in Innsbruck, the young “Huttler” also parade through the streets and hotels in Igls.

"Schiane giahn" in Igls

The “Schiane-Giahn” is celebrated every three years in Igls and is one of the most renowned and traditional carnival customs – filled with flowers, colourful costumes and heaps of passion. The men from the village dress up as traditional characters to drive out winter and welcome in the beauty of spring. The characters include the magnificent “Spiegeltuxer” with their nicely carved masks and splendid, high headdresses covered in flowers, the fearsome “Zottler” with fox fur draped on their hats and the bear handlers with their tattered costumes and bears on ropes. These traditional carnival celebrations with their pagan roots delight onlookers in the villages around Innsbruck every year.

All of the characters, even the female witches, are played exclusively by men. The costumes are maintained and prepared with dedication and pride over the course of months to ensure they do this cultural highlight proud.

On the Sunday of the parade, the performances begin at 12 noon. The traditional characters parade from the Ägidihof to the VIP stand at “Haus des Gastes” in the village centre and onwards to Kirchplatzl square.

And as is customary during traditional carnival celebrations, the “Schianegiahn” parade is accompanied by fantastically decorated floats providing food and drink, as well as merriment, shenanigans and carnival fun.

“Patscher Schellenschlagerinnen” and “Huttler” parade

A custom in women’s hands: the “Schnellenschlagen” in Patsch is the traditional ringing of the cowbells. This custom takes place on the Thursday before Shrove Tuesday and has been carried out by the women in the village since 1958. The “Huttler” with their impressive costumes and the traditional “Zottler” also parade through the village of Patsch on the same day.

“Ellbögner Schellenschlager”

In Ellbögen, the tradition of ringing the cowbells goes back as far as 1910. The parade runs through the village on Shrove Tuesday and is a true highlight of carnival celebrations in the southern holiday villages.

Further highlights from the active village communities:

  • Carnival party for children  in Ellbögen
  • Carnival ball  by the Patsch village band
  • “Huttler Ball” in St. Peter/Ellbögen
  • “Easter graves” at all of the parish churches
  • Church and organ concerts with summer flair at the Igls Parish Church.

More information about event details is available at the Igls tourist office.

Contact & information

Regional Tourist Office Igls
Hilberstraße 15
6080  Igls
+43 512 / 37 71 01

Opening times
Monday to Friday
8.30 am – 6 pm
Also on Saturday in high season
9 am – 12 noon

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